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Friday the 13th

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So today is Friday the 13th......is that significant to you? Will you stay away from your black cat or run him across the path of people you don't care for? I guess I really want to know is.......are you superstitious? Are there old tales you still adhere to? And what do you think about modern day witchcraft?
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Ohh I didnt even realize today was friday the 13th

I'm not that superstitious about the date.. and I love black cats so...
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I didn't even realize it was Friday the 13th.....
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To me, Friday the 13th is just another day.
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i heard that it's good luck to own a black cat, or be owned by one, whatever the case may be. maybe that helps offset the bad luck of friday the 13th.
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When I was 9 or 10, I found a $20 bill on the ground in front onf a convienience store on a Friday the 13th. Being a good little girl, I went into the store and told them. They told me no one had reported missing any money, and to keep it. Ever since then, it's been my lucky day!
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Friday is my fav day and 13 is my lucky number. So I like the day! (Once I bet black 13 on roulette and won big time - I liked 13 before that however).
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I'm on summer vacation. Are there even dates until school starts again?
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I've always been leary of Friday the 13th. Back in 1995 I had a bad accident on that day and ever since I've always been careful. As for black cats crossing in front of me, it doesn't bother me a bit. Actually all the other superstitions don't bother me except for Friday the 13th. One bad experience and that did it for me!
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it dos't bother me.anyday can bring bad luck!
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Well, speaking as one from London, it is now Saturday 14th and my friday 13th passed with no problems, but I DO own or am owned by a Black cat, so she keeps me safe, my little familiar.
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Just another day.
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It never did but this friday the 13th was the of the worse days for my life My black kitty passed away, my husbands work is reducing the amount of insurance they pay in, my newer car needs it airbag replaced for no reason ($500.00) AND I had to miss a day of work at my new job.

So needless to say the next friday the 13th i'm going into hiding.
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as far as modern day witch craft..I don't think it is envolved as people thing it is. And mine doesn't seem to work on friday the 13th
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With the exception of one computer glitch at work, I got through OK. Almost all of my calls were easy to deal with. Just to be on the safe side, though - I wore my angel pin. It is a Dalmatian with angel wings. If I DO have a guardian angel, it is sure to be a dog or a cat. (My kitty angel pin is broken and I haven't gotten it repaired yet.)
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for me its just another day also. BUT- there is something different: I hear this "Oh todey is Friday the 13´th" - lines in the radio, TV and everywhere I am .
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Val........Sorry about your kitty and coincidentally, we found out that our health insurance premium is going up FOUR TIMES what it was as of January 2004. That means we'll be paying in about $350 per month and getting LESS coverage. We also spent FIVE hours trying to get my mother-in-law a pain subscription yesteray too. So Friday the 13th was NOT a good day.

I'm so mad about the health insurance thing. Maybe I'll start a thread about THAT.

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