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A new cat - maybe?

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Yesterday, a Facebook friend posted about a cat crying on her porch in the rain. Her neighbor's girlfriend recently moved out and left her cats behind. There are two indoor cats and one outdoors. No one was taking care of the outdoor cat.

Our cat Jasper passed away in March. I knew that we would someday find another cat that needs us. I thought this one might be it so I went over today to meet her. She is about a year old and super friendly. While I was there, the neighbor came over. The cat growled at him, not a good sign. My friend's room mate said that she was going to call animal control because no one was taking care of the cat but I had offered to take her. He shrugged his shoulders and said he didn't care, it wasn't his cat. He said he had two more if I wanted them.

That pretty much sealed the deal that this cat was coming home with me. I asked him her name and if she was fixed and then scooped her up and brought her home. Did I do the right thing? I feel like a cat thief. I did tell them to contact my friend if the owner returned for her cats. I just couldn't leave the little thing there anymore. Wednesday night she was out in the rain crying all night. I wish I had asked him more questions like if she got along with other cats and how old she is.

She's been here for a few hours. She smelled the house and laid on the couch and is having a pretty deep sleep. I've kept my other cat Kitty separated from her. How do I introduce them? The smelled each other through a door. Kitty was fine; she is pretty cool with meeting new animals. The new cat hissed. If she stays, I would love for them to be friends. Kitty and Jasper didn't get along very well. He bullied her a lot. I don't want that to happen again. As well, if she stays, we will be changing her name. Is that a confusing thing for cats? The other owner called her Pantera. It does not suit her at all!

Thanks for your help and for reading my rambling.
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It sounds as though you did the right thing. ENJOY the new kitty. It's way too early to know if your resident cat and new kitty will be friends, but it doesn't sound too bad so far.

Lucky new kitty!!!!

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You did the right thing for bringing the cat into your home. You are saving the cat from getting harmed and starved. That's very noble of you to do what you did.

As to introducing a new cat to an established cat, it will take some time for them to learn each other. The best way to do it is provide a separate room for each of them and let them make acquaintance by the door. If one of them becomes hostile, you can consider using a baby gate and let them smell or head bump each other through the gate.

It is ok to change names. As long as you stick to the new name, the cat will get used it eventually. Good luck!
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You rock, cat thief!!!

I'm very glad you brought this poor kitty home. Sounds like she's feeling at home so far!
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I'd wait on doing any intros until she's been tested, vacced, & vet checked.

Once that is done, there a threads on introductions, just search the behavior forums for tons of advice. You'll want to go slow, give the newbie a week or so the adjust, swap scents (using towels or blankets), & then slowly start letting the kitties meet each other.
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We have an appointment Monday morning.
I noticed that she goes to the litter box a lot and dribbles pee. It is very similar to when Jasper had crystals. Is this a urinary tract infection? Unlike Jasper, she doesn't seem to be in any pain.

I tried to get an appointment today but all the vets in the city are booked up. Some even refused me because I was not a normal client. My regular vet is on vacation until August. If we want to get her in today, we will have to go to the emergency vet on call and pay mega $$$$. I'm going to watch her and see if we will go that route.
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Originally Posted by white cat lover View Post
I'd wait on doing any intros until she's been tested, vacced, & vet checked.
What should she be tested for?
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Feline Leukemia & FIV are the two I test for. If they have FIV, I don't worry much (just want to know for medical reasons). If they are FeLV+, I am not willing to risk my other cats.
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Thanks for the reply. I've been reading up on Feline Leukemia; it's scary stuff. I wish I had known more earlier. The new cat has drank out of Kitty's water dish several times; makes me worry.
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Yah, she is at the vet now as they are trying to get a urine sample. They did test her for Feline Leukemia and it was negative. They also shaved her belly a bit and found a scar so she has been spayed. Yay!!!!
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Here is a picture of the cutie.

We did say that we did not want a cat that looked like our dear boy Jasper who passed away in March but fate had other ideas. Sometimes I see her out of the corner of my eye and think it is Jasper. It will take some getting used to.
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What a pretty cat! She must be so happy to be out of the rain and in your warm, safe home. Good luck with the introduction!
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What a cutie! She's a keeper!


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