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My mom....

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My mom and stepdad are great people who've been dealt a crap life.

They have worked all their lives, and did the best they could at supporting 7 kids.

Unfortunately, a few yrs back they had to declare bankruptcy. Which in itself is not a bad thing, but what followed that was..... Lay off after lay off after lay off, till they both recieved permanent lay offs (automotive factory work).

They still had 4 kids at home. (teenagers). My stepdad got unemployment benefits, and my ma found a part time job at the grocery store. There are no jobs around here. They put resumes out everywhere within a 2hr drive radius. My stepdad's unemployment money ran out about a yr ago, and they've been living off of my mom's part time wages, borrowing money off family members, etc.

They put their house for sale when his unemployment ran out. Me and my hubby helped do some reno's on their house to make it more sellable. It's an old house, a "fixer upper".

Their plan, to move to AB with my sister, who is doing amazing out there.

Within the last 6mos, 3 out of the 4 kids at home, also moved out to AB with my sis. They all have fulltime jobs.

FINALLY, the house sold. Closing date is Aug. 7.....2 weeks from now.

This is good news......

Selling the house has allowed them to pick up and leave....The money from the house will pay off everyone they owe, pay off the car (that was their only "debt" aside from way overdue bills), and have enough money to live for a yr. if they are unable to get a job.

The part I'm having trouble with, she's my MOM. She and my stepdad are all I have. (I'm estranged from my real dad and his side). My mom and I became best friends after I had children. She's MY only family left, aside from one brother whom I seldom see (not due to conflict).

I am going to miss her sooooooo much. Please don't get me wrong, I am so very very happy for her....we've been hoping this day would come for awhile now.....they cannot stay here....they would have to go on welfare (which means lose the car, which would limit them to whats available in the small town they live in). Moving is a good thing....

it's just sad. I know it's not that she is far far away (its roughly 46hr drive, quicker if you cut thru the US), but it's the feeling of having no family here left that I'm having a hard time dealing with.

I may be 32yrs old, but I still need my momma.
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I'm really close to my mum, and I know how hard it is being so far away! I don't think you can ever be too old to need your mum

Hope the settlement of the house goes smoothly, and the move goes well!
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^^^^ i agree, me and my mam fight all the time but shes the first person that i turn to to talk to and would find it hard to be so far away

i hope the move goes smoothly for them both
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Chris, I'm happy for your mom and stepdad... but I'm sorry you're going to miss her so much.

I agree with the others - you're never too old to need your mum. Bet she's going to miss you, DH, and her grandkids something fierce!

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Awwww, it will be tough to see her go...but this is the best for her and them

You will always be close, no matter the physical distance between you
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I hear you... I am the same age and you always need your mommy and family. It will be hard to go see them go, but you can still visit and in between you can use Skype to see each other.

If you both have computers with cameras and or a microphone, you can use this free program to call and chat for as long as you want -- it does not cost any money. My family and friends use it and we love it. I sound like I work for them , nope I just love it a lot. And the newest version is cool! You can do a share screen, which allows you to share your desktop with others and they can see what is on your screen.

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CHris, I am sorry to hear what a hard time they have had, but it sounds like at last they can put it all behind them and start again. It will be hard for you - I am still close to MY mom and I am 64 and she is 95! But I hope you can see her regularly, and as people have said, these days communication is much easier.
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Thanks guys.....

I do know this is the best thing for them..... and am so very happy they finally sold.

Luckily I have free long distance, so we can talk any time.... and in reality, it's not like they are crossing an ocean or anything.... It's just a shocker to go from a 20min drive to a 2 day drive.

Thanks for understanding
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Originally Posted by sarahp View Post
Hope the settlement of the house goes smoothly, and the move goes well!
Join at this good wishes...
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