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Vibes for Joker please  

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So last night at the shelter a grand father and his grand daughter carried in a black & white medium hair male cat. They said they picked him out of the street because they saw him almost get hit by a car crossing the street. Well he is not in the best shape. He did test negative for FeLuk & FIV but the vet said he needs to be retested in 3 months due to being found on the street in such bad shape. He had flea's, ear mites, a URI, was very dehydrated, covered in matts & burrs. He was just over 9 pounds, but I would guess he should be 12 - 15. He's not neutered & what is left of him is solid muscle so I know he should weigh a lot more. The good news is that he ate almost and entire 6 oz can of wet food. This is a very good sign for a cat that has a URI. After a trip to the vet for testing, he got flea & ear mite treatment, sub-q fluids, injectable antibiotics, food, a good combing and a name. He was good for all of it, only hissed once during the combing out of the burrs. He certainly was in a better place after all of that, but he still has a long road to full recovery. Please send healing vibes for Joker, I bet he is going to be one handsome boy when he is fully healed.
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to this guy. I hope he finds a great home, and has a speedy recovery. Kudos to the grandad and grandaughter for looking out for the kritter.
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...poor boy.... ...Is really sad how can leave abandon to a kitty...... for him!..
Please keep me up-dated about hime I love his name!..
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How sweet of them to rescue him!

How's he doing?

Sending vibes his way!!!!!!!!

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Thank you all so much for thinking of him. I do not know how he is doing since I was off yesterday. I won't get to see him again until probably Thursday night. I will update everyone on his progress as soon as I know something.
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for the sweet boy.
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Good health vibes and forever home vibes for Joker.
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for joker, and for the folks who took the time to save him.
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A quick update. Joker is slowly but surely looking better. He is still far too thin, but his coat already looks much better than it did last week. He still seems a little lethargic, but I suspect that is just the after affects of being in such bad shape. He is eating well, his nose is no longer pluged up. He was head butting one of the volunteers last night looking for pets & he is fighting us on the medication. He is a super strong cat & it took 2 of us to get his antibiotics in him last night. That is a good sign, when they start fighting taking the meds it means they are feeling better. He still needs vibes. He will be getting retested for FIV & FeLuk in 3 months just to be sure he is negative, but it looks like he is on the road to recovery.
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Angie, that is wonderful news!

Keeping up the vibes!
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That's good progress! Keep it up, Joker!!!
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I saw Joker yesterday. He is such a sweetie. He was letting me pet his belly, he just loves attention. He is still preety sleepy most of the time, but given his physical state when he came to us it's not supprising that he is still sleeping a lot. His body has a lot of catching up to do. My guess is he hasn't felt this safe in a while, and is just relieved to have food, water, a litter box & lots of love. He's such a handsome boy too, I can hardly wait to see him in all his glory, I just wish I had a before picture to show everyone.
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Sending mega prayers and vibes out to Joker, for a speedy recovery and a happy home very soon
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Well Jorker's forward progress has stopped. I wouldn't say he is lethargic, but he is just not rebounding. He needs to go in to get neutered. So we are going to try to get him in for a blood test this week & if everything is OK, we will try to get him neutered. I can't place my finger on what might be wrong with him, but he just doesn't seem to be doing as well as I would have expected by now.
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Poor Boy. He's had such a rough time of it. that he's just going through a rough patch. One of the things we noticed early on with Cotton is that he seemed to have bouts of depression while he was healing up. He'd still eat and move around, but was just a little more listless on bad days.

Hopefully the bloodwork will show something treatable or he'll just start rebounding again on his own.
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Thank you listless is exactly the word I would use to describe his behavior. In the beginning we thought he was just extra tired from having to much wrong with him. Now we are more concerned.
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Prayers and paws crossed for Joker.
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Originally Posted by Rang_27 View Post
Thank you listless is exactly the word I would use to describe his behavior. In the beginning we thought he was just extra tired from having to much wrong with him. Now we are more concerned.
I'm glad you're having him checked out.
In Cotton's case it was just an older cat having trouble adjusting to his change in circustances, even if it was a good change. We'd just make sure to hug him and hang out with him until he snapped out of it.
Here's sending plenty of that he's doing better soon.
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well Joker went back to the vet yesterday. Our director is afraid it is FIP, but I'm not so sure. I will be taking a couple other cats to the vet tonight for check ups & shots, so I will ask about him when I get there.
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All paws crossed here!
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So I spoke with the vet & right now things don't look great for Joker. He is still eating, but is just not comming around. The vet said top on his list of diferential diagnosis is FIP. They have done multiple tests, but were still waiting for some results. I fear sometime in the next day or two we may have to make a decision none of us want to make. Cases like Joker make me so sad. He was on the street so long & now that he is safe he is so sick. I will update everyone when I hear something.
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The news is not good. Joker has FIP. The board is voting & I believe his suffering will be ended today. (Have I ever mentioned how much I hate having to make that decision). Please close this thread. I will start another one in Over the Bridge for him. I just need a moment to collect my thoughts.
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<weeping for Joker>

because of you, (and the angels who brought him to you) at least he knew some love. And will have a peaceful easy passing, not a slow death on the street. You're a hero, as are the man and his granddaughter.

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RIP Joker
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