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A soft ban

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Because of mild allergies, I have militantly kept my bedroom cat-free. Every morning, I do cat blocking duties and every night, I leave out a snack so I can run off to bed without my cats tailing me. Though they do like to come around a little earlier than my alarm clock, generally this system has kept cats out and allowed me to sleep through the night.

Well, I'm sure the "Do you have bedtime rituals" has softed my resolve...This morning, I half-heartedly blocked my kitties and as expected they made the breakthrough. All those posts about lovey-dovey rituals and bonding with cats broke me down

Should I repent and quickly get back to the 100% ban? Or is it possible allow cats in with supervision and still keep them out during the night or whenever it is needed?

I also have to admit the reason I keep them out is that I can't wrap my head around the fact of contact with the litter box and then having them hanging out on my bed...Plus, I sleep in my birthday suit...
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Certainly it's possible. My cats are allowed in my room during the day but not at night. Be aware though, if you start allowing them in and then kick them out for the night, they *might* cry at the door to be let in again.

I have the same concern about litterboxes and contact with the bed. I simply don't let the cats in until I have made the bed, so they can't get dirty paws on my pillow.
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Okay, for now, I will still keep them out most of the time, even during the day. But if they make it through in the mornings, then they can hang out a bit. Will see how it goes. Of course, they jump right onto the bed...
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