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Does anyone have any experience with ordering medications (i.e. advantage, heartgard, frontline) online? I've considered doing this, as it seems much cheaper than buying from my vet, but I'm worried that the integrity of the medication might be jeopardized in the shipping process; especially in warm weather.
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Well..poo! I was hoping to see an answer to this question. I'm really curious as well as to how safe this is.

Does anyone know???
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I haven't ordered those online, but I have ordered vaccines, which need to be kept cool. I know Drs Foster and Smith ship them with an ice pack and also strongly recommend overnight delivery (rather than regular mail). The bottles were chilled and the ice pack still activated/cold when the package arrived.
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The medications are very stable and are shipped the same way they would be shipped to the vet (or other distributor). It's absolutely safe if purchased from a reputable source. I considered it, but with shipping it is less expensive to continue going through my vet.

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I agree with CharmsDad's input. I don't believe these medications are shipped using special method. If these medications do require refridgeration, the vet would store them in the fridge. But vets don't!!! I have purchased Program online before. It just worked fine. I just purchased some Advantage from Petguys yesterday and saved myself lots of money.
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I know they don't need to be refrigerated, like vaccines do, but if you read on the box it tells you not to store in temperatures above or below a certain degree. Well, in certain climates, shipping trucks (and mail boxes) can become rather hot (outside of the suggested storage temperature range) and I was wondering because of this potential if it would be a good idea to order versus going to the vet. However, like CharmsDad said, it's shipped to the vet the same way it would be shipped to anyone. So, I'm thinking ordering should be just as safe as purchasing from the vet but to be safe I'll purchase so that it is delivered and not placed in my metal mailbox.
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I ordered from PetShed frontline plus and heartguard. So much cheaper. I don't believe some belief that they have been tempered with and are weaker medication. There are many business / economic facts that support why online vendor can afford selling things cheaper.
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