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500?! You Must Really Love Us, Meeester.Cat !

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Congratulations !!!

another party ?!?!

here is a special Blob-O-Rama for a Special Cat.

on a serious note, let me say, i thoughourly enjoy reading your posts,
to me they are like a journey, a presentation, always original and thoughtful
and humourous, compassionate, witty, kind and sweet. thank you for all of your insights.

you ARE the cat's Meeeeeeeeeeeoooooooowwwww !!!!
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worthy of Mr. Cat! Congrats for keeping all of us informed, entertained, thinking, laughing, speculating...looking forward to more posts from you....

:splitter: ::blubturq::LOL:
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WOW!!! 500 posts..... you mean you have actually put up with us for this long????? :laughing:

we LOVE you!!!!!!!!!

*hugs joe*
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Thanks, folks, for honoring me this way. I've just a few brief remarks I'd like to make. Let's see, where did that manuscript go? Oh, well; never mind.

I love you all! Thank you, so very much, for making me feel at home here. You're all wonderful. The Chesire Cat says so, too!


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We love you AND your chesire cat!!!
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Does this mean you are re enlisting for another 500?
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Thank the aCATademy! hee hee...
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Yes, I'm re-enlisting! And you're right, I did forget to thank the Catademy; so here goes:

"I'd like to thank the Catademy; and I'd like to thank all the little people who helped me get where I am today. Apart from the cats, that is. Let's see, to encompass my French heritage I should point out Napoleon wasn't very tall; then there's all those tiny folks in The Wizard of Oz, not to mention Gulliver's Travels. And my Irish heritage causes me to reflect upon the various types of faeries who inhabit the Old Sod. Let's see now. Oh! My friend Tonya [Homo sapiens] is only five feet tall. . . ."

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thanks for all the entertainment!

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Mr. Cat; I want you to know that I tried to get into this P-A-R-T-Y yesterday, and two tall guys in dark suits and sun glasses(with microphines in their ears and talking into their watches) were checking ID's at the door.

Do you think someone under survelience should be having such a HIGH PROFILE gathering? I know you came in disguise; (the Leprechaun suit is TOO cute. . . .)

Anyway, I came back today to join the congratulatory bash.

Let me just say it was no PICNIC rolling this keg of HEINEKEN all the way from my house!!!! But, YOU are WORTH IT!!!!e Party Hearty

Also, do I have to stay on my knees for the whole party? Given your affection for "Short People" and all!

Love ya TLK
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Air Princess, thank you for coming to my party! Just go ahead and mix, schmooze, et cetera. If you need anything, let me know. The hat-check place is over there, the rest rooms are down that hall, the bar is straight ahead, you can see all the comfy chairs in this room; and the bedrooms (just in case) are up those stairs and to the right.

Three-Legged Kat, I'm sorry about those bouncers "carding" you. It's my fault, because I told them to check the I.D. of everybody who looks 25 or younger. We don't want any on-duty police officers showing up now, do we?

And thanks a bunch for bringing that keg of good beer! It's a lot better than the swill we've been drinking.

Arise at once! There's no need to hobble about on your knees. I like tall people too! (Especially ones with imagination, like you.)

By the way, we've got to be out of here by the end of the month. So party down everyone! Okay, who wanted the coloring book and crayons?

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Me, Me....I want the coloring book and crayons!!!! :laughing:

And TLK thanks for bringing the keg! I never had that kind of beer before...but hey, if it's free count me in!!!!

Hip Hip Horray for the one and only Mr. Cat!!!! cheers!!!!!

Anyone want to dance?
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Hello! May I have this dance? [Jack Off Jill begins playing "Fear of Dying."] I hope your husband isn't the jealous type.

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Wow Mr. Cat... I feel like I still have a hang over from your last party... But, I think I am some what of a party girl, so here goes...

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Sthanks for thumbing! The smoker I drink the player I get. Gimme those car keys! Wait! I lotta guy down. The stair room's up that bedway, right?

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