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Applied for a second job yesterday...(long)

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And am already having second thoughts on going through with the auditions/2nd interview!

The pole studio I take fitness classes at is opening two more franchises in the Charleston area, and are hiring 4 more people to work as junior staff (assuming the more senior staff that was previously junior will be branching off to run the new studios). They're opening the opportunity to anyone interested, whether you've taken fitness classes or have never even touched a pole in your life. I'm not very flexible, but they've told me I'd be surprised at how inflexible some of the instructors they have are.

A girl in my Wednesday night class and I both talked about auditioning Saturday for a position. She doesn't have a job at the moment and working nights would be good for her, especially because she could bring her 4 year old to the studio while working. I have my FT job during the day, which I would most definitely be keeping as it pays over $15/hr and pays my bills. This position at the studio is from 6-10pm Mon-Thurs. I'd work for "free" for a bit while in training (150 hours required, which would cost me $3,495 if I wanted to get certified & trained outside the company), apprentice, and start at $8/hr. There is also a paid vacation to the Bahamas that comes with employment.

The reasons I'm having second thoughts? I usually try and go to bed BY 10pm. Rob and I went to bed at 10:15ish last night and we were both exhausted this morning! We usually try and get up around 4am. I'm thinking we'd be sleeping a little later, and I would probably start working at my FT job between 7-8am again instead of 6-6:30am. (Flexible hours, technically my shift is supposed to be 8-4 but I've been working 6-2 for a few months now). Another reason is that I'm thinking about how Rob and I wont see each other much at all those 4 days. He plans on going back to school and finishing up his degree in automotive technology. He would be taking classes from 6-10pm most likely. He has two core classes left to take, which he'd start in late August, and then all but two of his automotive classes left to take. Sounds perfect, he'd be in school, I'd be making extra money at the same time. But for some reason my mind is being stupid and making me think he's going to be sitting home waiting on me. We'd also no longer be carpooling, which we've done for 3+ years. I also think I may get burnt out rather quickly.

I do think I would have a lot of fun instructing pole - I love taking classes there and I love to help the some of the girls in 101 when they need help figuring out a certain move. (I'm currently in 201, the intermediate level, and should be in All Stars [advanced] by the end of November). The job is for training 101 and some 201.

My current employer allows moonlighting, so long as the second job does not interfere with your ability to perform your duties. Obviously if I work until 3 or 4, it wont. I had to put down my current employer on the application, and am hoping my group leader doesn't think that I am planning on leaving if they decide to call and verify! I'm probably going to send him a heads up email explaining the hours and let him know that there is no need to worry about it affecting my performance here. There HAS been a group leader who was terminated due to having a second job, and most people I know that currently have a 2nd haven't told the management (though the handbook says it requires it).

Rob is very supportive of me doing this, he's actually been saying for a few months "one day you should teach pole". (We had talked about purchasing a franchise for a little while with our tax return, but that fell through as the corporate office wanted $300 before they even saw an application!) For all I know I wont even be considered, as there are supposedly many people applying. I've already seen a good 4 or 5 others come into our studio to apply, and who knows how many have gone into the other 2 studios as well. I was excited yesterday, but now am leaning more towards telling them that now might not be a good time for me. I'm having a hard time convincing myself that things will be fine.

Guess I just wanted to get it out there and get some opinions from other people. If you've gotten this far, thanks for reading!
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Another reason I'm second guessing, is that I should really go back to school instead. I'm trying to get at least an associates degree in science right now, and then transfer credits to a 4 year college for my bachelors. I'm 22, and have only taken two college courses since 2006. (I graduated HS in 2005). I would have taken more classes before, but the college gave me a hard time with residency, telling me they would not consider me a state resident unless I was married, had a mortgage, or a kid. Well I have two of the three now and can finally, FINALLY get in-state tuition and lottery funded assistance if needed (even though I've been a SC resident for FOUR years).

The more I think about that, the more I think school is the better choice now, pole instruction later on when I'm more advanced with it and am not degree-less in my field.
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I have no advise, but I love the whole pole/fitness idea. I have looked for a class in my area, but no luck yet. Good luck with whatever you decide.
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I'd have said go for it given Rob's up for dealing with the schedule and it would save you a LOT of money for training you'd be paying for.... but once you brought up the school thing.... I'd have to say, if you're going to be tired and see very little of your hubby, the degree provides a lot more opportunity in the long run.

But if you want to teach pole dancing and maybe open a franchise long term... then you wouldn't need the school. I just think there are probably more opportunities down the road with the degree.

Whenever we have difficult decisions to make, we make a list of the pros and cons for each, and then assign values between 1-10 for the importance of each of the "pros" and -1 to -10 for the cons.... and then whichever one comes up with the highest number is (usually) what we decide to do.

Good luck!

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