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Toilet Habit

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My Nacho seems to often to a victory lap after he has done a No:2 in the litter box.Has anyone else experienced this with theit cats?
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Yes All my cats do that.

They also wait around the corner when hearing one in the litter pan and pounce as they come out the bathroom door. I laugh every single time watching the devils huddled up waiting to pounce....mayhem follows
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I hadn't noticed this with Blossom until I read the same post on this or another cat forum. She does too, runs out of the bathroom at top speed, & if I'm still in bed she'll race over the bed to the dressing table or window.
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Rosie runs out like the wind, and i usually say "Are you 2lb lighter sweetie!"
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Originally Posted by Rosiemac View Post
Rosie runs out like the wind, and i usually say "Are you 2lb lighter sweetie!"
Thats cute.

my cats also get frisky after bathroom duty.
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Mine do that too (I also have a cat named Nacho )
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My Felix comes shooting out of the Litter Robot like greased lightning and bolts up the stairs. Sure enough, 7 min later, I'll hear the robot cycling.

My other 2 do nothing special.
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My little cat also do that!
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You mean something like this?

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At least 2 of our 3 do that. And, as someone else said, when the others hear one in the litter box, they prepare for high speed frivolity.
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Yeah Rascal goes tearing out of there after like his tail is on fire!
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