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Should we adopt another cat? Need advice

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Yeah, I know : 2 weeks ago, it was a dog--we decided against that!

We're really cat people, I guess...

Anyway, as some of you may know, we lost 2 cats earlier this year; we're down to 7 now. I'm ok with 7, but I keep thinking that we have 2 slots open--in other words, we have plenty of space and money and love--and there must be some FeLV+ kittens out there who are "unadoptable". Let me explain why I want FeLV cats:

We have 3+ cats; we had fostered a litter of 4; 3 turned out to be faintly FeLV+. They are nearly 4 now, and seem very, very healthy. They are wonderful cats! We literally have not had any health issues with the, apart from a bit of the runs and some sniffles awhile back, when those things went through all of the cats--all got over them fine, etc. Anyway, 3 vets told us that we could integrate them with our existing FeLv- cats, as those cats were older, and had shots. They said that there is only a very tiny chance that those cats could get infected. All seem well, and I keep them current with FeLV shots. (The 2 that died, died from other causes, not related to FeLV, etc.)

My question is: do you think I'm crazy for wanting to get another cat, esp. 1that is FeLV+? I think a kitten may be better, since all of out cats are older. Opinions??? Suggestions???

I wasn't planning on replacing Hobbes & Willi, at least not for awhile, but DH suggested this, and I've been thinking the same thing--take in a needy cat that nobody want to adopt; and turn the FeLV+ thing into something good. We have the space, the money and the love in our hearts. We're old hands at raising cats. A cat is far easier for us than caring for a dog. I always have room for 1 more in my heart! It's funny--when we had 3, I thought, "Perfect number!" Then, we found 2 stray brothers, & I thought, "Ok, 5's our limit. Really." Well, then DH found the Gang of Four, and we had every intention of adopting them out, then we found 3 were unadoptable! I fear that I'm becoming the Michelle Duggar of cats... Obviously, we have to draw the line somewhere--9 is it, I think. I don't want to on the front page of the local newspaper someday, with pics of Animal Control/Rescue cleaning out my house! (Joking aside, I keep the place very, very clean. Visitors don't believe we have so many cats.)

Some concerns: will this increase the chance of my other cats contracting the virus, by adding 1 more to the mix? How will I handle death of the new cat, should it happen? (I'm still mourning Hobbes & Willi.) Will the stress of living with other cats (my FeLv+ boys are rambunctious!) put a strain on the health of the new FeLV+ cat?

Thanks for your input.
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Anyone? Thanks!
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In your heart, you know what you want to do. And I have no doubt that somewhere there are two kitties who need your help.
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It sounds to me like you're not going to feel "normal" without two more cats around. If you walk around feeling like there are "empty slots", then for God's sake, fill them!

The choice to adopt a FeLV cat is such a great one because they're so overlooked in the adoption world. I think that the main problem you may find that arises is whether you will be able to FIND some to adopt. Most local city shelters euthanize these poor cats, just as they do the ones with FIV, because they're "sick" and "unadoptable". My recommendation is for you to find a no kill shelter near you and see what they have to offer. Some may have clauses that state that FeLV cats are not adoptable, but I'm sure that if you tell them the experience you have with the illness, they'll be more than willing to make an exception. After all, it's about finding good homes for cats in need so that they can help more!

Sounds like you're doing a great job to me with keeping every UTD on their shots and making sure everyone is happy and healthy. Just remember to do sloooooow introductins when you do bring the new cats home so that everyone can get acquainted with each other and reduce the chance of fighting.
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