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Cats & Yucca's

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Hi there,

We've recently had one of our cats pass away.

My wife had to have an operation, and with operations comes flowers.
We knew nothing about the effects flowers can have on cats at the time, but learnt pretty quickly.

Someone gave her some Oriental Lillies which our oldest cat had either eaten, or brushed past and then cleaned herself. She went into immediate Renal failure and we rushed her to the 24/7 animal hospital where they tried to push fluids through her body but it didn't help.

From that moment on we're very careful about bringing ANY flowers into the house, and after seeing your "101 Harmful Items to Cats" list, i'm more greatful that we havn't brought anymore in.

However, we've just purchased a few Yucca's for indoors, they sit in a 20cm high pot near the front door. We checked the internet to see if they were harmful to cats and most of the answers were "No".

Going over your "101" list, you have Yucca's listed.
I'm wondering if someone can shed some light on this for us as it's a bit conflicting on other webpages and i'd like to know if we should remove them.

Obviously there are many types of Yucca's, but does someone have an incident they've gone through in order to have the Yucca added to the list? or where does the list come from?

We could not lose another cat to plants/flowers, it was too hard the first time.

Greg Bennett.
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Yes, they are toxic to most mammals.

Some species can be used to make a somewhat decent shampoo out of and they are pretty - but best outside.

Here's what the ASPCA says about them:

I have a house full of houseplants. The cats only will chew on the palms or fluffy plants - never on large thick leaves. However, Yucca are not plants I would personally have indoors with the fur kids.
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I'm so sorry about your kitty. That is so sad.
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