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I'm aggrivated with MIL

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The kids stayed at her house for a few days and my youngest daughter has a special blanket she sleeps with, and she can't find it at her house now Luckily Elizabeth hasn't cried about it too much, but still, it is a special blanket..she has had it since she was 9 months old.....things like this are setimental(sp?) to me..
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I hope you find the blanket soon!!! My mom took my bear and my sister's blanket away on us when we were like 5 & 6, but that was different than actually having someone take it on you....good luck!
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My mother tells me that when I was little, I loved soft boiled eggs UNTIL the day my grandmother, her MIL, walked into the kitchen as I was dipping toast in the eggs and grabbed the toast and tore it into little bits, then mixed it in with my eggs and said, "there, now eat it". She said I burst into tears and wouldn't eat it. I do not like eggs to this day.

Tell your MIL to mind her own business where YOUR children are concerned.
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