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Dark spot on eye?

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My cat, Winky, has a dark brown/red spot (blotch) on his left eye. I noticed this problem yesterday - at first I thought his pupil was dialated, but then noticed it was a dark spot on the eye (cornea?). Both pupils are the same size as they usually are.

Has anyone experienced this problem before?

Winky is acting the same as always - doesn't seem to be in pain and he's not messing with the eye. When he was a small kitten, he would close (or "Wink") this eye often, but doesn't do that too often anymore. He was born feral, and had an URI when he first showed up at my door. After he was treated, all seemed fine with the eye.

Could it be as simple as a scratch, or something worse?

Thanks to al for the help!!
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If Winky were my kitty, I would have my vet take at look to rule out anything serious.
Hopefully it is nothing but any change should be checked by your vet to be sure....
better safe than sorry.

Other members might be of more help.
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I agree that it is best to bring him to the vet. It could be anything from a burst blood vessel to something much more serious such as iris melanoma. Sorry to freak you out, but I wouldn't take any chances......
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Thanks xocats and cheylink for your advice - I'll be calling his vet in the morning!

The spot/blotch seems to be moving - like it might be something on the surface of the eye. It started yesterday directly over the pupil, now it's off to the far outer edge. He's never been fussy about it, but he is primarily an outdoor cat - no telling what he could have gotten himself into! Hopefully the vet can fix the problem!

Any additional advice is welcome!
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I would definately get him to a vet. He could lose the eye eventually.

Fiona has a spot on her eye. It is a lesion she got from having the FHV. She was not taking very good care of her first two years of life and when the shelter got her she had to have her URI taken care of and the eye was in bad shape. She wasn't acting like it was hurting her either but it was still an issue. They were able to scrape off enough of it (which was gross and left her with a flap of eye tissue hanging for a few days before it fell off) and the little thats left isn't an issue. But they told me to keep an eye on it for future. I also had to give her eye ointment to help get rid of what I could and help stave off any infection. I sometimes still give her ointment if her eye is getting red or she has a URI so the lesion doesn't grow.

I would definately see a vet so they can let you know for certain what it is and treat it before it becomes a bigger issue requiring more costly and painful measures like a surgery. If it is a lesion from FHV and is small enough they may just give you some meds and/or ointment and be done with it. If you wait it could get worse and than require surgery so please don't wait.
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It's moving?
Please let us know what you found out at the vet's.
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