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Sleepy Head!!

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It's been a busy day today, Thursdays is PLAY DAY!! where Daisy,Tabitha and i spend most of our day playing together. About an hour ago, i couldn't find Daisy ,( Of course i didn't think to look in the usual places! ) and this is how i found her!! Spark out on top of the sofa ( not her usual place). Her ears blend in too well with the blanket!! I do think she looks cute though!

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awww bless her

looks so content

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awwwwwwwwww absolutely adorable!...
My Frien can I lie next to her?......
Thanks for share!...
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Awww the poor baby's shattered!!
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It's tough work being that cute (and mischievous!). It really wears a girl out.
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