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Hey everyone i'm new here. I'm also a foster mom of three great kittens. Whats i'm wondering is about the litter smell. Right now i have pine litter in there. instead of smelling urine like we used to now all we smell is the poops >.< How do i keep the smell down i'm in an apartment (its half a house plus bacement)

Whats kind of litter should i buy. I liked yesterdays news okay but again same problem. I can smell the poop really bad. With the old clay litter i could not smell poop just the urine.

Also for four cats how many litter boxes should i have. how many times should i be cleaning the litter. ( i do it often i'm just looking for advice from experiance)

Please let me know the smell is not so nice in here and i dont want it to waft out to the neighbors. no need to get complaints.


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General rule of thumb is one box per cat, plus one.

Kittens poop way more than adult cats, so probably two-three times a day scooping would be best.
As for litter, I'm not much help there, I buy cheap clay litter (Tidy Cats Multi Cats clay, non-scooping), it works ok, my boxes are directly under my bed, so it would have to work fairly well.
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Yes you definately need at the very least four litter boxes.

That is probably one of your biggest problems right there.

Covered litter boxes help keep the smell at bay as well, but this doesn't mean you need to clean them any less.

I use a cat-friendly orange scented spray to spray his box down with ( I found it at walmart in the pet section) and I also use baking soda in the litter each time I scoop it out. They sell arm and hammer stuff especially for litter boxes, but regular baking soda works just as well. ^^

Be sure that anything you use in or around the litter boxes to help with the odor is pet friendly and non-toxic to cats.
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I would not use an orange spray with cats. Cats generally do not like citrus smells and using it in the litter box could turn them off from it.

I find that there will always been some poop smell if the cat doesn't cover. However I use walmart special kitty clumping and have no urine smell and again on poop smell, when the cats don't cover--my one male does not cover, however my other male usually comes and covers for him.

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I use one of those booda dome covered boxes that has the charcoal filter, arm & hammer deodorizer (which I've found cheaper at walmart vs. petco/petsmart). Since I have two kittens, I'm scooping twice per day. I also saw that Citrus stuff and don't trust that it would work 100% since I've read on here that some cats don't like citrus scents.
The litter I use is clumping and can't think of the name but I got it at Sam's Club, 40lbs for $11 or so.
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Litter box odour can depend on what you are feeding them. Higher quality foods mean less odour.

Also an air purifier near the boxes can help. I would use at least 2 boxes for 4 cats, if they are happy to share. I've never followed the one per cat plus one rule.
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Any particular reason you're using pine litter instead of clay litter? I've never had any sucess with the non-clay litters. For kittens I use Tidy Cats non-clumping litter, for older cats I use Special Kitty clumping litter. They're both very good at odor control (warning---Special Kitty non-clumping isn't so great!).
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Originally Posted by phantomcat View Post

Whats kind of litter should i buy. I liked yesterdays news okay but again same problem. I can smell the poop really bad. With the old clay litter i could not smell poop just the urine.

Personally, I go for Tidy Cats. There's the easier clumping type which has the "Tidy Lock" logo on the front and/or back and if I notice those are sold out, there's the non-clumping type (classic?) with no special logo. As far as I'm concerned, anything made by Tidy Cats is superb. Best wishes to you
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We use either Tidy Cat Clumping Multi-cat or Scoopaway multi-cat. We have only one box for our 2 girls as we live in a small 1 br apartment. We do not have a litterbox odor since DH scoops at least twice a day and the waste is put in an old plastic litter container with a snap-on lid.

I have asked friends who came over to be honest and tell me if there is an odor and they assure me there isn't. Even my in-laws tell me there isn't an odor. lol

One thing I have noticed though that I cannot use the store brand or cheaper clumping litter since it is too dusty and makes my girls' eyes water too much! It irritates them!
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wrong thrad sorry
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Erica, what have you decided on?
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