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Harness trained kitties

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I know quite a few members here have trained their cats to go out on a leash and harness. Anyone want to share any funny anecdotes?

Fiona is totally trained for her harness. It took a couple of days of wearing the harness for a couple of hours, but she picked it up pretty quickly. (At first she would only walk backwards and fall down a lot. ) She is so well trained that we were able to take her on her leash to New Jersey with us (we live in Virginia) via car AND boat ride. She caused quite a stir on the Cape May-Lewes ferry, and their marketing director even took our picture to put in their newsletter!

Lolly on the other hand... is still working on it. The first night we put it on her, she would NOT stand up for anything, and just rolled around the room! Then, she started somersaulting! She was just faking though.. as soon as the laser pointer came out, she suddenly remembered she could walk again. We've been gradually increasing Lolly's time with the harness on every day, and she's almost perfect with it now. She has it on at this very moment, and is snoozing away on top of her cat tree.

By the way, this is the funniest picture of a cat on a harness I've ever seen. Check out the World's Heaviest Harness group for more hilarious pictures.. or maybe I jus have a sick mind and it's only hilarious to me.
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All my cats wear harnesses with no problem. They also don't mind wearing clothes... I sometimes take them to pet stores or to visit people. I am working on training two of my one-year-old cats to be therapy cats.

My previous cat Sylvia hated harnesses. If you put one on her she would immediately flop over on her side and would refuse to move as if she was hog-tied! If you left it on her for a while she would eventually move but only in a very low crouch.

This is Harlequin, one of the two kitties I am hoping to make a therapy cat. She loves people and is very outgoing, she will go up to anyone and cuddle. She even likes dogs- I took her to my friend's pet boutique recently and she went right up to my friend's Pomeranians and sniffed noses with them.

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