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I don't wanna see that!!

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My wife and I have recently adopted a cat named Harry and he is a beutiful long haired goofy guy. Ever since we got him he has done this strange thing. Every time one of us wakes up and come out of our room or comes back home he turns around and stretches out his front paws , as if he is stretching after a long nap, and lifts his rear up in the air right in our direction. I am convinced he does this intentionally.

Any ideas as to what this means?

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How old is Harry? Perhaps he really just woke up and did the stretch... My cats do that often and that often is a cute sight..

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Mine does that too - nothing special just a great big old stretch...
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I think cats do that after a long snap and is very relaxed around you. Mine does that all the time, espeically in the winter after she has been out on the porch for a while and finally coming in. She would have me holding the door open in freezing wheather to wait for her to finish this big stretch before slowly walking inside
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Totally normal behaviour! lol.

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I don't think it's just a stretch. If it was, he wouldn't wait till we were right there to do it. It is so predictable you could set your clock by it. And it happens consistently. As soon as me or my wife walk in the door there the cat is, he gives one meow, and then he turns around and sticks his butt in the air right at us.
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Well... not to sound weird, but he MIGHT be showing that he sees you and your wife as the "alpha cats" and is waiting for you to sniff his butt. I read about this somewhere on this site after I couldn't get my two cats to quit sticking their butts in my face. Now when they do it I just give a big *SNIFF* (I don't really sniff them - I just sound like I am) then I pet them and they settle down. Just a thought...
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He is doing the elevator butt manuever and simply wants you to scratch the base of his tail. Cats love that kind of stuff. Mine do it all the time.
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