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Problems Solved!! Fingers Crossed!!

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Apologies for the length!!

One of my two Siamese kitties (aged 2.2 years) has been posing two big problems for their vet.

1. Loose and very stinky poo -on and off for a year and a half.

2. Blood in Urine -on and off for a year and a half(mostly on.)

1. Multipe stool samples and cultures were taken, a comprehensive analysis testing everything (coronav virus included -which by the way was positive - but not suprising in a cat) -all tests came back negative time and time again. We tried just about every diet and food possible to no avail. Finally we tried one of the prescriptive diets - Medi Cal's Gastro. We are now almost at two months we normal stool. Scooping litter has almost become a pleasure......never thought I would say that. I'm not crazy about the Vet prescriptive diets, I prefer the better quality food that is available but unfortunately little man has a sensitive GI and needs, for the time being to be on the gastro food.

2. Nimitz's urine problems began when he was 6 months old. Again multiple urinanalysis were taken as well as cultures. The Vet was convinced that he had sterile cystitist. We finally pushed for an ultrasound for both his bowel and bladder. The bowel was fine but the bladder had a stone. The Vet was very suprised to find a stone. She says that he is the youngest cat she has seen with a stone. We had the stone removed two weeks ago......and little man has fully recovered. To his credit he never eliminated inappropriately.....he just visited the litter box a lot and tossed litter like he was digging for gold. I just wish we had done the ultrasound earlier. We are now waiting for the analysis of the stone to see what we can do from keeping him from getting another one.

Keeping fingers crossed that Nimitz's health issues are behind us.
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Congratulations! I'm so glad to hear Nimitz is doing better.. and this is a very informative post, in case either of my cats ever has the same issues... I'll be sure to push for an ultrasound!
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Thanks! We are so relieved that we have both of those issues under control. We were very worried for such a long time. i just feel bad that Nim went through this for so long.
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