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Skin "condition" (pictures added)

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For those of you who read and replied to my previous post, thank you.

For those of you who didn't, to make a long story short, we rescued three 3-4 week old kittens and they are all doing good (thank goodness) HOWEVER, one of them is losing hair behind her ears and around her head (not face).

I have taken pictures just incase some one could maybe recognize the problem.

I spoke to the vet (twice actually) and both times she said that it didn't "sound" like ring worm. She still guesses it is because of having a fever and just losing hair because the other two kittens have not been losing hair. I on the other hand am concerned it is more. Even after being on antibiotics for 4 days (twice a day) the kitten continued to lose more hair around the head and she is scratching around her head as well.

There is no sores, crusts, rings, and the skin honestly looks normal color (not red).

I don't know if it is just "the thought" or whether it is real, but I have also been slightly itchy (hands and arms mostly).

I am stumped! PLEASE HELP!

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The pics do not look like ringworm at all.

My only thoughts, allergies or some sort of skin irritation. (re: allegies, has anything changed in foods?)

I'm sorry I'm of no help.
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did he do a skin scraping?
could be fungus or something....
my 4 week old kittens had mange and it was only crusty on the ear tipe however there were other affected areas where clumps of fur fell out and there was just skin underneath....

hope the fur grows back...
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I wonder if maybe the kitten has an ear infection and is scratching at it and scratching the hair off? That will happen sometimes if they're itchy enough.. but I guess the skin would probably be irritated from their little claws.
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Dosen't look like ring worm to me either. I agree with the possible ear problem. Have you checked for eat mites? Very common in rescued animals. Another possibility is some sort of parasite. I'm guessing you've checked for fleas, so possibly other skin mites. I have heard of kittens with a very bad coccidia (SP?) infection that cause them to lose their hair due to malnutrition. Then there is always the food alergy possibility. It's just hard to guess without having a vet run some diagnostic tests.
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Could it be ear mites, fleas, or some other type of parasite? My three were born feral and had tons of pesky stuff when they arrived on my doorstep. My Sandy is a rougher cat, and he would scratch the hair off his ears, etc.

I also had a cat as a child that went missing for four days, and when he returned we found he had literally ripped all the hair off his shoulders. His vet said it was a bad case of fleas (but we never noticed any scratching). After treatment he was as good as new (and the hair grew back!)

I hope your adorable little ones are better soon!!
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Hum.... Definitely doesn't look like ringworm... It could be over grooming due to flea allergies, or food allergies...
Is there anyway you can take her to the vet to have it checked? You would only need to take one, and than probably treat all of them...
Good luck!
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I also just rescued 4 kittens that I found in my backyard. I had to take them from the mom because they had URI's. They also had mites and fleas, and one of the kittens has the very same thing, loss of hair on the neck mostly. No redness or scratches. They just finished the antibiotics when this started happening. They also were scratching around. the ear area. They are too young yet for revolutoin or capstar. Reading the other posts, maybe my little guys problem is also the mites in his ears, and not being allergic to the fleas. I'm hoping that the drops I am giving them for ear mites might help. Maybe it is ear mites in your little ones case also.
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It could be any of the things already mentioned, but could it just be stress?

I have found in a lot of cats and kittens in a shelter I used to volunteer at, the cats who were under stress, some of them used to scratch or dig at themselves. Nothing was wrong with them, no conditions, it was just a nervous twitch.
The kitten seems young but it is just a thought.
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