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new mum behaviour

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hi i was wondering if anyone can help me?
my cat maisy had 3 beautiful kittens last thursday and she is a fab mum but the last 2 nights she has been moving them round my bedroom under my bed so i out the box under the bed but she is still moving them? is this normal coz i'm a bit worried.

thaks eggiver
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Something about the location is spooking her. She may feel exposed or in danger somehow and moving the kittens to protect them. Does she have a nice covered box - covered on three sides. Maybe on your closet floor -they're often comfortable there.

One of your other animals might be coming too close for comfort as well. (And that includes human animals, too!). Leave her alone and she should feel better.

It could also be that she just hasn't found the right spot. Just make sure she takes all the kittens with her. All that moving can confuse her and she might leave one behind.
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Such a moving is rather common, you dont need to worry too much about the moving as such, its nothing weird.

Ondine gave you an excellent answer, I second it 100%.
It is important to know IF she had a good reason for moving, and try to help out.
The moms wellfeeling must always go first. If mom feels well, the kittens will also be well.

Good luck!
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