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My little roadside baby is growing like a weed, but she's still Momma's little girl. I couldn't love her more if I had picked her out myself. She was meant to be my kitty, and she's been spoiled beyond belief already in the few weeks that she's been here.

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Oh my goodness look at that tiny little beauty
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She looks like a spoiled little angel!
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She is a sweetie. I would spoil her rotten
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she is so cute... post more pictures pls... would love to see her more...
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Oh, oh, oh! Kenzie is simply too precious for words. What a darling baby girl. Please post more pictures of her!
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what a cute baby!
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Hola little Kenzie!.. youre sooooooo cute! I could hug you all day!
Thank you for share my friend, is sooooooo adorable!...
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Oh good grief, what a gorgeous little muffin she is!
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