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Meet Kenna

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We got Kenna as a playmate for Kenzie, the tiny kitten we found on the side of the road a couple of weeks ago (because she needed someone her size to play with *ahem*). Kenna is hell on wheels! You can just see the wheels turning when you look at her. I think we are in trouble.

They are getting along very well after the initial hissy fest.

Anyway here's Kenna...

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Now that is a cute kitten!

But you're right, I can see the deviltry in those eyes.
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OMG! Where is the cuteness warning? She is a little baby doll, and you can just see the mischief in her eyes. I would say you are in for an interesting time with that little one.
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She is cutie. Do you have any pics of her and Kenzie together?
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She is a little cutie pie
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oooooooo someone's in trouble!!! Very cute, I'm a total sucker for blue eyes, so naturally I adore her. Can I have her? wait- I don't know if I want to deal with anymore troublemakers, I've had my share. Then again, she has those blue eyes... I want her!!! GIMME!!!!!!
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OMG! TOOOO CCUUTTTTEEEE!!! She looks like a sealpoint RAggie cross! Oh my heart!
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If kenzie is not available i am willing to be Kenna's friend... lol

Kenna is so cute...
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Ok, Kenna is ridiculously cute as well. I swear, you have the two cutest kittens!
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She is adorable!!!!!! SO VERY CUTE!
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