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Meridian Bengals announcement

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Well, this announcement was made once before, , but this time it is a done deal. We are officially and irrevocably closed. All of our breeder cats have been re-homed or been altered.
We have gone out of breeding with a bang, with our final litters being our best ever.
We will keep a total of 7 cats. 5 bengals of our breeding, our maine coon and our singapura.

Our 1,400 square foot, 2 story cattery will be utlilized for bengal rescue, on a limited basis. Limited, because Teri and I first want to do some traveling and vacationing. We have been deprived of that for 12 years. Breeding wonderful cats is always a trade off. You sacrifice most of your free time for the cats.

We are very much looking foward to this next chapter in our lives, while still maintaining our presence in the bengal world by rescuing those in need.

We do have a few retired cats still available to go as pets to the right home. If you're interested just PM me. The only charge to TCS members will be shipping costs to an approved home.
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Well, both you and Teri have done a fabulous job with your cats Nial, so you both deserve some quality time now.

That's lovely that your going to help Bengals in their hour of need though

Let me know if you plan to visit England
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I must have missed the first announcement - I didn't know. It will be odd not having your breeding news of your wonderful cats, but life goes on and if you are happy with this enormous change in your lives, then go for it. I wish I lived closer - I have always wanted a Bengal. The very best of luck to you.
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You guys have certainly done a wonderful job for the breed. Im sure you both are going to be missed tremendously, but you do deserve some time for yourselves, as well.
Good luck in this next chapter for you both!
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Nial, I must have missed the first announcement. I'm sorry we won't be hearing about any more new spotted babies from you. On the other hand. Have a great time traveling and catching up on all the other things you've put off for the last 12 years.
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Nial I must have missed the first annoucement also.
Thanks for helping me get Cleo and helping my sister find a Bengal breeder.
I have always loved how your Bengals looked.
I hope you have a great time traveling!!!!
I am sure I will ask you for advice when I start showing my sisters Bengal.
Good Luck with everything.
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Happy and sad, but well deserved retirement. Nial, you and Teri have some of the best looking Bengals I've seen! The ones you are keeping - will they be shown in the alter classes?
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So...Jack part Deux will come to live with me? I'll be right over!

Seriously, you and Teri deserve time with each other - have fun and enjoy yourselves with yourselves. You've both worked SO hard, it's definitely time for the two of you to get a chance to play.

Let me know if you ever need a cat sitter for a weekend if your SIL can't make it. I've got a roomie now, so I don't have any problems leaving mine for a few days if needed.
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Nial and Teri would have to adopt you - cause you would not want to leave if you babysat their cats!
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Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45 View Post
Nial and Teri would have to adopt you - cause you would not want to leave if you babysat their cats!
Oh, I think they already sort of adopted me - seeing as I live just a couple hours away and have two of their cats already!

I love visiting their house, and I am REALLY looking forward to meeting Firecracker!

By the way, how's he doing, Nial?
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Well deserved break. Enjoy your free time

Will you still be showing in alter class?
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I bet you will help a lot of pets in the future...

Good luck with your endeavor.
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Nial, I am also another one who missed that first announcement!
You have wonderful cats, and I am sure are living a great legacy behind! Your work will live on the generations of Meridian Cats descendants!!
Congrats on this new chapter of your life!
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Bad news for the breed and the cat fancy Your cats are very nice.
But understandable. I can't imagine finding a zoo keeper to leave for a trip Enjoy yourself and the best to you guys and your cats.
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Originally Posted by Kai Bengals View Post
Our 1,400 square foot, 2 story cattery will be utlilized for bengal rescue, on a limited basis. Limited, because Teri and I first want to do some traveling and vacationing.
on both points.
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I remember the first announcement. Best of luck to you both, Nial & Teri.
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Nial, I wish you and Teri the absolute best in your retirement. I thank you for my wonderful mischievous boys.
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Best of luck and loads of fun await in your retirement from breeding!

Nial, you have been, and will continue to be, an amazing ambassador for Bengals and for Breeders everywhere. I'm thrilled that you will take your next step as ambassador for Bengals as a rescuer.
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A well deserved break indeed! I don't know how you've done it this the end of kitten season, I'm happy to see the last of my foster kittens go!

While I'll miss seeing pics of all your new babies, I can completely understand your decision.
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You've done SO much for the bengal breed and you really deserve your time travelling and vacationing.

Using your cattery for rescue later on is fantastic as well. Anyway, I'll miss seeing your fantastic kittens but I'm looking forward to seeing your cats also enjoy your well deserved time off an have a fantastic time on your holiday.
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Awww I wish I would have got one of your cats!!! I'm watching Zoeys breeder as they are getting so beautiful, she just started a silver line too. She has many of Jean Mill's cats and is doing alot of Jungletrax cats and other known breeders. Zoey is a breeding from Milwood cat decent, however she has the disposition of a Diva cat, sometimes she has attitude. We talked on the phone the other day about contracts and wills that we are setting up in case something happens to us. She is more than willing to be put in the will for Zoey and my Abby cats. I was so impressed with you when Hope died and how you took action to help her cats!!!! Thats a great breeder and above!!!!! Thank you for your advise on the Bengal Nose! Zoey has pretty much grown out of her condition and has a normal nose like she should.

Has Kenya and Ttitan been adopted? They really need to go to an only home? or can they go to an 2 abyssinian home with one bengal and mixed breed cats?
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A big thank-you to all of you that posted and all of your very kind comments!

We will always be Bengal-smitten and always have Bengal cats as pets, but as any breeder knows, having just pets and having breeding cats is a vastly different story.

Teri and I are so excited to have a more "normal" life again, and at the same time proud that we have contributed in some small way to the betterment of the bengal breed.

Originally Posted by abbycats View Post
Has Kenya and Ttitan been adopted? They really need to go to an only home? or can they go to an 2 abyssinian home with one bengal and mixed breed cats?
They are still available. PM me and we can discuss possiblities! Retired cats nearly always have special needs or situations, but it's not always set in stone.
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I have really loved all of your Bengal pictures!  The most unique, intriguing and addicting cat I have ever had was a baby Bengal, who only lived to be 11 1/2 months old, and passed away this August.  He was the result of a brother-sister accidental mating; his sister is fine, but he apparently was born with either no really functional adrenal gland or else it failed very early.  Everything he ate went straight through his poor little system, more or less liquefied.  Our vet, and a consulting vet, could not find what was wrong, and may well have treated his problem to make it worse, but who knows?  After 8 months of trying everything my breaking heart could possibly try, I reluctantly, and with immeasurable grief, signed my rights to him over to the Oregon Friends of Cats people in Beaverton.  There, they made sure he was clinic-ed finally properly diagnosed, and had a day or two of a treatment that most likely would have worked.  Sadly, ten days after I let him go, he suffered a heart attack at the clinic and quite literally fell off his little perch, dead.   During the months of his care, everyone who ever came into contact with Raja fell permanently and totally in love with him.  He charmed vets, groomers (not that he needed grooming - he was always impeccably groomed!), neighbors, and even  my brother, who generally dislikes cats. 


The vets in Beaverton said they didn't know how I had managed to keep him alive for so long.  My answer was that I had loved him and willed him to live.  He was truly amazing, for his voice, his jumping, his talking through ANY situation, his loving personality, his glittering, beautiful coat of leopard spots and gold, and his phenomenal purr.  The wonderful folks in Beaverton had him cremated and sent me his ashes, which I will never forget and will always place them in my prayers.  His photo is on my keyring; he was the most beautiful cat I have ever seen, even though he never got bigger than a 3-month-old kitten.  I currently have 2 cats, a 3/4 Siamese - 1/4 Maine Coon cat and a red tabby kitten, and an elderly chihuahua who answers directly to the senior cat in the family.  When I sadly say goodbye to any of these beloved animals, he will be replaced by a Bengal, because I am forever changed by the 8 months that we all spent with little Raja, and no cat will ever be more deeply loved.

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