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This is a strange question

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This involves the paranormal. WHen I went to Washington DC, I went to the September 11 exhibit at the Smithsonian which gave me major goosebumps.
Anyways, I took a photo of the big flag that was at the Pentagon, that the fire dept guys draped down the side of the building and I took a photo of it, and there are strange round circles in it, and in the other photo, there are none. The same circles are in another photo of the beam, fire truck and plane damage - I am posting them for you guys to see.

This is the fire truck, beam and plane from 9-11 - the round circle thingies are at the top of the beam

This is the first photo of the Pentagon flag

This is the second photo of the Pentagon flag - no white lights.

I am asking this seriously and not to be ridiculed. There were no more of those white lights throughout the museum, just those two parts. I just would like to know what they are, if they are orbs and how to tell. I have checked my digital camera and its fine.

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Its probably a lighting issue, or perhaps a reflection?
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ok, I'm very interested in this subject and always watch any tv programs about it. It has been said that sometimes those blips on film are spirits. I'm not saying that is or isn't what you've caught there, just that I have heard that it's possible to capture spirits on film, and that is what they look like. Considering the subject matter of your pictures, I would think it's very possible that you've caught something.

I live about 45 minutes away from DC and will definitly be checking out the exhibit. Thanks for the heads up!
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I have contacted a ghost person about this.

Colby - the exhibit ends on July 6th, so catch it before then. Its at the Museum of American History.
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I will be very interested to hear what the person says! please share!

I probably am too into this subject...I always freak myself out when I'm home alone!
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You sound like me. Sometimes I smell perfume that I dont wear. And the lights flash on at 4am. Yeah I freak myself out, and I think I have every reason to LOL
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this is why I avoid these type of subjects because I get soo freaked out about it...I do believe in spirits though...
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Kellye, you might be interested in the pictures on this site too. http://www.ghostinvestigations.com/html/photos.html As far as I know, it is a serious site.

I think that there are some things that can't be explained. My house is at least 100 years old. A couple of weeks ago, I actually saw a strange orb-thing (like the one in your second picture) floating in my hallway. It was about the size of one of those soap bubbles that little kids like to blow. My son and I have both heard a noise on our stairs, it sounds like someone is walking up the stairs very slowly and then just stops.
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What you've captured are known as orbs. Many parapsychologists believe that they are spirit energy captured by a camera. Others think they are just dust.

Here are some sites that may be helpful. They are both pro and con orb....
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Wow! Pretty interesting and creepy. This stuff is fascinating.
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Originally posted by Kiwideus
Sometimes I smell perfume that I dont wear. And the lights flash on at 4am.

I HATE being home alone. the SO is leaving for NINE months in august
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It's just light reflecting off a piece of dust. The way a camera catches light shows it as a circle. Everyone is familiar with lens flare. Most people associate it with photographing in the sun. Nobody thinks those series of circles are paranormal. Since dust particles are infinitely smaller and less predictible, they're less likely to produce consistent defects in your photos, but there is always a possibility.
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i wouldn't say NOBODY believes they are orbs. but they could be dust particles or there could be "other" things not detected by the human eye... there are certainly strange forces at work all around us. i seem recall, though, that there is a haunted stage coach or something to that effect at the smithsonian.
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