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Lost Cat - What else can I do?

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A month ago, one of my indoor cats pushed out a window screen on the 2nd floor of my house and got out (possibly fell out) of the window. He was very timid inside with strangers and loud noises, so I expected him to be terrified and hiding outside. Right away, I looked around for him, posted signs, alerted neighbors, called the local precinct, vets, and shelters. Since then, I have posted more signs, visit the shelter every week, have a trap in my backyard, and go for walks/drives at night hoping to see him. It has been a month and I have yet to find him. I had received phone calls here and there, but it was just for sightings of a black cat but the people didn't know if it was mine or not. Nothing ever amounted to anything.

I am miserable and don't know what else to do. Does anyone have any suggestions? Has anyone gone through this before?
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I am going through this right now and it is terrible. It has only been 2 days for me. Last year my dad's cat got out from a screen and he left the screen off until she returned which was the next night.

I will be praying for your cat's safe return.
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Sadly, it's already been a month. I'm so sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

...but cats that live indoors-only usually don't go far. It's probably still worth doing this, but research has indicated that indoor kitties that get out are within a radius of three blocks of home. They usually hunker down, and come out only to find food. Even though so much time has passed, you may want to gather a few friends and family members together to form a search party. Look in drain pipes, under bushes, under porches - if people will let you, search their yards, their garages, their sheds. Everyone should remember that he will feel safer in a small space, and they can get into really small spaces - this is key in searching.

The terrified kitty will almost NEVER come when called. Bring something with his scent on it, and if someone finds him, do not approach him directly. I know it makes no sense, but sometimes they bolt. If he doesn't look like he's going to run, get near, and sit down with your side to him, and just start talking softly, putting the thing that smells like him down next to you.

Since so much time has passed, unless there's a ready food source for him (anyone put food out to feed cats? Is garbage easily accesssible anywhere?) he may have wandered farther to find food.

you'll find him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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A month of worry and heartache for you - I am very sorry that you are going through this Just so you know, I have had 2 cats in the last 4 months show up, scrawny and exhausted - I feed them , give them outdoor shelter, and when their strength returns, they leave again No one has ever responded to my "found cat" ads, either....Sending mega prayers and vibes that your boy comes home soon, safe & sound, and that wherever he is now, some cat lover is looking out for him
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Perhaps my website will help you
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Thank you for your support - I looked through neighbors yards about 2 weeks ago and didn't find anything. Since it's been a month now, I have no idea how far he could have wandered at this point (if he's alive) for me to even know where to look. I do walk around at night when I can with a bag of treats calling his name - no luck with that. I really don't know what else to do at this point - I don't know if he's alive or dead and if he's alive, where he could be, or if someone took him in.
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My friend had a cat move in under her house and it took 3 months for her to get it to come out where she could read the tag. The cat's mom lived two blocks away. I'd go door to door with a photo and ask them to call if there's anything under their houses.

Craig's list is good in our neighborhood.

Also, in college, our cat disappeared for 12 weeks and then showed up at feeding time one day, just like that, in perfectly good shape. So you never know.
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my cat has been gone for 3 weeks as of today..he too got out thru a screen by the front door..I have done pretty much what everyone else has done to get him back..posting signs in the neighborhood has helped the most as a neighbor has had him on her patio 4 times in the last week and a half..she has cats and he seems to be interested in them..she puts food out for him and he eats..the good thing is that this lady only lives about 500ft from me..last night about 8:30PM as I was pulling into my garage she called me on my cell and said he was on her patio again..I was at her house in 30 seconds..I walked to the back and saw "him"..mind you, it was almost completely dark and I couldnt say for sure that its him..but this lady has taken pictures of him and while the pics are grainy it looks like its him..any, I got to within 20ft of him, calling his name..I crouched down making sounds he's familiar with..he looked at me for a while and the went to the next patio area. (these are townhomes)..I approached him there and he went under some bushes..somehow he got was so frustrating..gone for 3 weeks and here I was within feet of him..obviously he is scared..
Today I am going to go to the animal wardens office and see if they will lend or rent me a live trap..other than him just coming home I think this is the only way I can get him back
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If you can't get a trap from them, Harbor Freight sells them for a pretty reasonable price.
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Sending mega prayers and vibes out for your lost cats' return
Last April, I found a gray cat & an desperate owner called, hoping he was her dilute gray calico girl Fast forward to June, when I began helping feeding a feral colony behind Dennys restaurant and I spotted a dilute gray calico come bounding across the highway and attempt to near the food. I put some in her area as the ferals weren't letting her near. And just last week, during a 1am feed, I spotted the cat again - and put food in the lot next door for her. She isn't super skittish like the others, but doesn't trust me enough to let me catch her. I'm pretty sure that she's stray, not feral, and acting just like a lost cat would.
I'm passing along this story to let you all know not to give up hope. As for the dilute calico, I should be set up for trapping in the next week or two, so hopefully she'll be caught as well. (And I've the post-it with her owner's please send some prayers & vibes out our way, that she is "Coco")
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Oh please let us know if the calico girl and her owner are reunited! Hope you catch her soon.!
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Originally Posted by mrblanche View Post
If you can't get a trap from them, Harbor Freight sells them for a pretty reasonable price.

I did get one from animal was free..I just had to put down a refundable $50 deposit..just got back from the neighbors house where he's been hanging and the trap is set..
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Well my worst fear can 4:50 AM my neighbor called and said the cat was in the trap..I ran over there and it wasnt my cat..well at least now I know he is gone for good, mostly likely killed by some predator as he didnt have front claws to defend himself..I feel so rotten right now..
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I'm sorry it wasn't your cat. I don't know that I'd give up on finding him yet, though.
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Don't give up.

As posted by another member, sometimes cats are gone for months (or longer) before returning home. I know two families whose indoor-only cats got out of the house. In both cases, the cats were gone almost 6 weeks before they were reunited with their families. Both cats were spotted by neighbors -one was being fed by kind people who were located 3 blocks from where the cat lived. The other was hanging around a neighbor's backyard, which was just across the street from his own house! In each case, the cat had to be trapped.

Re-read what LDG wrote about cats being too terrified to come to you when you call. Just because you don't see your cat does not mean he isn't nearby. He might even be watching as you look for him.

Read Hissy's website and also check this one: There is a lot of info so please read through it all very carefully. Though it may seem unlikely, make sure your cat isn't actually trapped someplace inside your house. You have to rule out all possibilities.
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I havent given up..its just that I dont know what else to do..Ive done just about everything thats been suggested on different websites Ive read on finding lost cats..the only thing I have going for me now is that he has a chip..if someone has him and eventually takes him to an animal hospital or a shelter then I will get him back..
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Cats have shown up months later. Sometimes they are there all along
and only come out in the middle of the night to eat the food you are
leaving them and to drink the water you are leaving them and then
go back into hiding. Keep leaving food and water out for them espeically
during the day when the racoons can't get to it.
Also put some kind of a shelter outside with something of yours inside
like a sweaty tee shirt you have worn so kitty can smell it.
If you have a used litter box and you can put that outside where it
won't get wet do that too. Also, whatever else that has the house
smells on it.... like put a blanket in a box but put it where it won't get wet.

Don't give up. Set a humane trap on the days you can stay home to
monitor the trap. Don't ever leave without closing the trap and putting it away.

BTW I live on long island ..... approximately where are you?
I live in suffolk county (N.B) and work in Nassau County near suffolk.

Good luck.
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