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constipated going off dry food what wet?

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Cupido is constipated at 10 months
hes been on laxatone and pumpkin
now the vet put him on lactulose I am giving 1ml a day
I have several cat books at home
one dr. demands that dry food is constipating carb filled crapetc
I am willing to give him a second wet food but what ?
he is on natural balance duck and pea lid formula
perhaps Evo 95% chicken or before grain chicken or the new lid chicken
Dunno hoping for nonfishy suggestions
he had a bout of vomiting and diarrhea when he was 4 months thats the reason for the lid formula
I am hoping the lactulose does the trick
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I had bad luck with the lactulose. My Jordan was 4 years when he went on it, he had chronic constipation. He was put on laculose & a month later his blood calcium spiked. I was told it was probably lymphoma. He had several non-invasive tests, none of which showed anything. I refused exploritory surgery because I was not going to put him through that. He was on prednisone for over a year, his blood calcium remained high despite the prednisone & other treatments.
I took him off the lactulose & started monitoring his habits closely. When needed he gets Catalax & that seems to be working great. During the year & a half process he started developing cataracts. About a month after taking him off the lactulose his blood calcium started returning to normal. He now gets no lactulose, no prednisone, his blood calcium is completely normal & I have my crazy happy cat back. He did go to an eye specialist about the cataracts & that vet stated that lactulose has been associated with cataracts, although usually in dogs, but he wanted to make sure Jordan was no longer on the lactulose.

So I tell you this why? Because my vet insisted there were no negative side affects associated with lactulose. I spend thousands of dollars & countless sleepless nights worried I was going to lose him. 2 years later he is in great health & doing wonderfully. Granted this maybe a rare occurance with this medication, but please watch your kitty for a lose of appitite. That was the first sign that Jordan's blood calcium had spiked. If it's working don't take him off of the lactulose, just watch him. I am thankful that I listend to my instincts & the advice of some people on this site about the possible connection between lactulose & the elevated blood calcium.

Now to anser your original question, I do find that Jordan tends to be more constipated when he is eating dry food. I have tried may wet foods with him, and when he was sick he would change his mind all the time about what he wanted to eat. Right now they are getting natural balance wet. I think Evo is good, but my Maggie won't eat it. She is all about fishy flavor and unless it stinks to all high heaven she won't eat it.
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I saw no bowel change from the drug
I took him off it and added a new food before grain plain chicken can
his stools were more soft last night

I dont know why the amount[ two tootsie rolls ] is so small
but my vet is up to date on him

thanks for your lengthy reply
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No problem, I don't ever want anyone to go through what I had to go through. Being told your cat has 1-2 months to live is horrible. Then there are all of the other problems Jordan had.

Hopefully the wet food will help your cat. Otherwise try the stuff called Catalax. I found it at the pet store. I like it better than the fur ball remedies because it seems like it is more natural. One of the main things it has is fish oil. I give it to him every other day & it seems to work.
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