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Yoga ?

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anyone else out there thinking about trying Yoga or is anyone else already practicing ?

i am and have always been very fascinated by it, i cant wait to start,
its a big reason for me to overcome my fear of leaving the house, because those
instructional tapes just arent good enough.

i've looked around my town and there arent any good classes, this is a very small
town mind you, so, i'm hoping to start when i move back to Victoria in the fall !

i also hear it really helps women who are pregnant deal with everything that
comes with pregnancy. so maybe that will help you Anne, vlinder & Spike ?

i think basically it just increases the quality of Life, and helps us connect Mind, Body and Spirit.

i'd love to talk with someone about it, anyone out there into Yoga ?
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I took a yoga class a few years ago. I really enjoyed it. I don't take the time to practice as much as I used to, but I'd like to start doing it regularly again. I only do a few positions (easy ones at that). I think it helps with my depression and anxiety when I do it. I guess my biggest problem is finding the energy to do anything at all, and the yoga and any other self-care/enrichment usually goes on the back burner when there's laundry to do, dishes to wash, errands to run, etc. My therapist says I need to start valuing myself more, feeling like I deserve happiness and good things for myself. Where was I? Oh, yeah, yoga. I'd highly recommend it.
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i hear you, and i understand, funny how we can make time for everything but ourselves.

well, not me, i am interested in growth, and healing and change.

i understand about finding the energy, where does it go ? i can never find it.

i think it comes with activity, and healthy eating.

the more we do; the more energy we will have, no ?

let's make a deal.

start small.

you must do one thing for yourself every single day, something completely for you,
and you alone.

and i will as well.

how about it ?

then we'll work on bigger things, like Yoga classes, actually going out of the house.
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what do you say, alexnell ?
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It's a deal, blue. I actually already did something today. I dug through some of the junk in my dad's basement and found---superballs! You know-- those little rubber balls that bounce ridiculously high? I played with them in my basement for 20 minutes. The cats helped. It was fun. Feels good to laugh and do something just plain pointless and silly. :tounge2:
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that's great ! i havent done anything yet, as i am just now waking up,
and it's past midnight but i'm feeling well-rested and ready for the day, err, night

think i'm going to have to clean this house tonight, everything is a mess *pulls out hair*
and Cameron has practically broken his wrist, so, it's on me for the next two weeks !

i think for now i am going to make some tea, and sit here and relax with Enya playing on my speakers,
light some incense and candles and let myself wake up nicely.

then worry about the house later on !

i'm so happy to hear you had a good moment today
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