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change in behaviour because I'm pregnant?

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We have 2 cats and a dog. All of them have exhibited a change in behaviour. It's like I've been basted in chicken juice or something, they all want to be near me/ on me/ petted by me. Especially the cats, who have up until now been affectionate, but not anywhere near this loving. Our older female will jump at any opportunity to cuddle, and the younger one is more clingy than ever. Think they know that I'm about to bring home a baby? (oh no!! I'm still cute! I'm still lovable!! See?? Don't replace me!!!)

Is there anything we need to be particularly aware of with the cats when we bring the baby home? We put a lid on the crib so they can't get in, at least until the baby's old enough that he can push them off him... Besides, I'd like to limit the amount of cat hair and litter dust that he sleeps on.

Thanks for any advice, I know this is last minute... (I'm going in to the hospital tomorrow to get induced!)
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There have been a number of posts about this but there is also an article from the site owner on this issue. I'll see if I can conjure it up.
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While you are still in the hospital have your husband bring home a blanket or onesie with the baby's scent. IF your cats are like mine they will think anything of the baby's is their's like the car seat, porta crib, play mat etc. I put an extra blanket over everything so I just remove that if they slept in his stuff over night. Make sure the soothies(pacifiers) are out of reach from the cats. I like to put them in plastic bags. Pet the kitties while holding your baby. Let them know you still love them too.

My husband just read an article that babies exposed to pet dander/fur and dust develop less allergies than other babies without pets and in a very clean environment.

Good Luck tomorrow! Congrats!
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Our adopted stray (as in she adopted us!) goes NUTS when I'm pregnant! Will not leave me alone & takes every opportunity to sleep on my belly (maybe why my son is so nuts about her!). The dogs don't notice one little bit that anything is different but Miss Kitty notices!

We had no issues with introducing the baby into the house, I made sure they got lots of extra attention from daddy & they were all good as gold!

GL with the new one!!!
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Your body chemistry has changed. You smell different to them.
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