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growth on old kitty

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My 13 year old DSH has a growth right next to one of her nipples. We first noticed it in December, literally the day before we left for Florida for Christmas. We've checked it several times a day since then and nothing was changing, it wasn't sensitive, or growing, and there haven't been any new ones so as far as we can tell it's not metastasising. We thought perhaps it's just a fatty tumor. Well recently it's started growing and changing it's form a little bit. I know I should have taken her into the vet sooner but right after we got back we had to deal with Tempyst's medical problems and since then we've had to spend hundreds of dollars on a foster because she's developed liver problems.
Meeker hasn't been acting differently, and in fact she's never liked her belly touched so her not being pleased with us touching the growth is nothing new. She's still very active and playful, loving and demanding in her snuggles. I wasn't too worried about it until my terminology teacher told us that 90% of the time a mammary tumor in cats is malignant and cancerous. It doesn't seem to be bothering her, and frankly I don't want to know if it's cancerous or not. I'll know when it's time for her to go and will do whatever I can to make sure that she's not in pain and that she goes peacefully.
She needs to go in for a checkup soon anyway so I'll have them take a look at it then.
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My Stripe had one at age 4 and it had cancer cells in it.
I got bit when I tried to see what it was.
I lost her to CRF at age 11 so there is hope with your cat if it is cancer.
I hope she will be ok.
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Sounds like a mammary tumor....I had to put down my 14 yr old female in the fall...she had hers for over a yr b4 it caused problems...she was still eating and acting totally normal...I opted not to treat it because of her age and the odds it was just going to come back were very high....By chance was she spayed later in her life...My cat was a farm cat that the farmer was just going to "get rid of " so she was 8 b4 she was spayed...I hope your cat stays healthy and isn't in any pain like mine....I also don't mean to scare you but most often than not the vet told me they are mammary tumors...
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Nance, I'm very sorry to hear that you had to put down your special friend. *hugs* for you and your family.
Meeker was spayed when she was 2 (2 years after I wanted to get her fixed) and she had a litter before she got spayed because my sister let her out while we were on vacation. I have heard that having a litter can actually increase their chances of getting mammary tumors, another great reason to spay early. I can totally sympathize with your decision not to treat it, and that's what we're planning on doing with Meeker because the chemo is worse than the cancer, and it would most likely just come back.
Thank you for your kind words and hope that she will stay healthy, that's what we're praying for too. I literally can't imagine life without her, she's been with me through every difficult stage in my life since I was 9 years old and has been my constant companion, I don't even remember life before I got her.
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I advice that you continue to observe your pet... but if you really want to be sure that that growth is not harmful to your pet i suggest that you let a vet check on it.
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if you suspect it is cancer there are some dietary things you can do that some people will say work and other people will say don't work .... but little things like switching kitty to filtered water and keeping her away from sources of pollution can at the very least make you feel less helpless has some tips on cancer and supplements etc...
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We plan on continuing to check it several times daily and watching for signs that it's affecting her negatively. While cats are very good at hiding illnesses there are things they cant' help when they're sick, like not eating, having trouble using the litterbox and so forth. While I'm hoping it doesn't get to that point if it is cancer it most likely will. I plan on talking to the vet about things I can do to help her be more comfortable during the years she has left, and am thanking my lucky stars that it hasn't progressed further already.
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