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Little Libby

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I'm posting this for my mom's rescued maltese Libby. My mom is gone this week on vacation in new york and I've been going over to her house to take care of her animals. On Monday when we went over my mom's male dog greeted us as normal, bouncing and barking, but we didn't see Libby. I look around and see her little body halfway underneath the guinea pig cage and think 'oh no. she's not moving.' My boyfriend goes over and sure enough, she's dead; she had strangled herself on a plastic bag handle. Little Libby had such a hard beginning in life, being born in a puppymill and used as a breeder for a few years before she finally got rescued. She was such a sweetheart and had a good life and is still loved dearly. We took her up to the emergency vet to have her cremated so my mom can have the ashes since she wasn't here to say goodbye.

RIP Libby, play happily on the bridge and take care of the new ones for us. We love you princess.
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Oh my goodness that is so tragically sad..... and for your Mom to be away on vacation, too. Oh this is just heartbreaking.....

Rest in Peace Little Libby It comforting to know that you got to experience some love in your life after having such a horrible start to life
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Oh my goodness, how sad!!

This has been a valuable lesson to us all not to leave plastic bags around incase something like this happens

Have fun at the bridge Libby

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That is so sad! Rest in Peace Libby.
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Thank you. This is a very hard thing for all of us, but there is the consolation that now everything is okay for her.
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