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Cats need a home

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Not sure if i can put this here. I found them my local freecycle.
someone is getting rid of there 3 cats. So i figured if anyone lives in or around miami ok needs an older cat to love this might be perfect.
this is her email sassy_kitten2004@yahoo.com
I have 3 cats to give away or they are going to the miami shelter that has a 10
day time lapse to be adopted or they're put to sleep due to over crowding at the
shelter. I will describe the cats for you.

I have a female ragdoll (These cats usually cost 800.00 or more if you buy from
breeder and are one of the largest breed of domestic cats) her name is princess.
she is 9 years old but you could never tell it. shes at a healthy weight for her
breed type shes 18lbs. she has long hair. loves to be petted all the time and is
def. a lap cat! She is spayed & litter trained. not too fond of going outside.

I also have a traditional blue point siamese. Shes the bigger type of siamese
not the skinny show version of the breed. Her name is Isis. she is 3 years old.
Shes a very playful cat and can be a bit skittish at times. Shes has been
terrified of going outside ever since we were in the Picher tornado that
happened May 10th last year. Shes a bit shy but quickly warms up to you once
shes gotten to know you. this cat is spayed and litter trained.

The last cat I have for give away was dumped on us when it snowed last. She was
very skinny and hand a few broken ribs and an injured foot. We nursed her back
to health put her in the paper but no one claimed her. So we are giving her
away. She is a long hair black- orange - yellow - white calico cat with green
eyes. Looks like shes got some persian in her due to the hair. We named her
Callie. She has a slight limp due to her foot but she is in no pain. The foot
was an old injury and the vet could not repair it without rebreaking everything
and said it would be better to leave it the way it is since she is in no pain.
Shes is very young not sure of the age guessing about 3 to 4. She is also litter

These cats do not have to go together but if someone wants to take them together
that would be nice. Please someone take these cats so I do not have to take them
to the shelter. They may not ever find their new forever home then... Thank you.
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OMG - they sound so adorable Maybe someone could cross post in the Ragdoll & Persian rescues They would be awesome pets, I would venture to guess. Sending prayers and vibes that the kitties find good homes very soon
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