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pregnant persian question

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I have a persian who is pregnant with her first litter (mine too). Is it normal for persians to breathe heavily when they are pregnant? If I'm counting right she is due in the second week of August. I felt the kittens move for the first time last night. She is gunking up a little at the nose and is breathing through her mouth. I've been keeping her face really clean and that seems to relieve some of her congestion so I'm wondering if it's just a normal persian thing. If it's not I'll take her to the vet but wanted to ask first since money is tight right now. Thanks for any help.
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I dont know anything about Persians, but I highly doubt they breath like that - It really sounds like a Upper Respritory Infection. If she is breathing through her mouth it has to be very bad. I would deff be calling a vet!

Hope she is ok.
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Sam/WellingtonCats would know, and she is on this board sometimes. Otherwise, I would give the vet a call. A phone call is free.
I don't know ANYTHING about persians, but don't they have a lot of complications during labor? Because of their large heads? Maybe I am mistaken.
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No, it's not normal for a persian to breathe like that while pregnant. It would be best to get her to the vet and make sure she does not have an upper respiratory infection. If she does, the vet will know what antibiotic is safe for a pregnant girl.
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Yes, if it's an upper respratory, get it fixed now, or it can harm the kittens- I had a mother with that, and the kittens caught it and 5 out of 8 dies
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thank you everyone for your replies. Piggie is doing much better today. I called the vet and already had the correct antibiotics on hand. It is/was just an upper respiratory.
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Yup definitely not normal for a Persian. Has she had her babies?
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