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Daily Thread HUMP day July 22nd

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Morning cat peeps!

It's going to be a rainy one today...blah!

I am going to sign the lease for our new nice apartment at lunch today...can't wait to get in there! He said we can get the keys a little early because its vacant!

I guess I should start packing eh?

Not much going on tonight...dishes and maybe finally finish the thank you cards!

Ciao for now!
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Yes start packing Nat and be ruthless and throw old stuff away that you havent used in 6 months Someone here told me that trick.

I've just ordered a new stair carpet. Light beige with a fleck in so the odd bits of litter from their toots don't show up as much as what they do on this one
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How exciting Nat. Good luck with the packing

Rainy day here too......I'm hanging around waiting for a dear friend to txt me and update on how her day is going.

Nothing much planned.... I might go pick up a GPS.

Have a good day folks.
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Morning Folks!
Benson is meowing at my feet. He wants to go outside but it's all wet from the rain last night. He has been dying to go outside for days now.

DS is with mom. It's there morning routine while I drink my coffee and post here.

It's a cool day but I bet humid. Nothing really going on thank goodness.

Nat..you are almost done your thank you notes already? You didn't do them on your honeymoon did ya? Wow that is fast. Congrats on the apartment. Where is it in relation to where you live now?

Susan.....I bet you will still see the litter

Chris enjoy your day.
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Morning All!!!

Well the sun is actually shining here right now but the are saying severe thunderstorms for this afternoon.

Nothing much planned for today, need to catch up on some chores around the house I have been ignoring I guess.

Maybe a quick trip to the pet-store for Linus treats this afternoon.

The kitties are window watching this morning, they are paving the driveway across the street and they are of course supervising the procedure.

Everyone have a great day
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Its very overcast here this morning. I hope it stays this way and that the heat wave they've predicted gives way to rain.

Will be starting to pack today and taking the cat out for another leash-harness trial as well as a short ride in the truck.

Poor thing...Yesterday all he did was curl up as small as possible, bury his face into my armpit, and shake.

I need to look up new ideas to help get Bean Bean used to car rides!
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