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Alex is hurt

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I have 2 outside/inside cats, and Alex the orange cat, who is about 10 years old, ran under the car when my husband was moving the car onto the lawn, I think he was trying to get in the car. He is a wierd one, everytime we go outside he runs up a tree about 10 feet or so and then he comes down. When my husband got into the car he jumped down from the tree and he didnt see him and I guess my husband just closed the door and he ran over to the car to get into the car, which he does if the door is open and when he backed up, he ran over his tail from what we can figure out. No marks on him at all. He is eating and drinking, and he did urinate in his litter box inside, but his tail is limp and he cant raise it. He is on his way to the vet right now.
My husband feels so terrible, he loves all our animals as much as I do. Hopefully he will recover from this. I know that sometimes if a cats tail is broken, and the nerves are damaged that they can lose their bowel and bladder functions too, and since he is urinating, maybe thats a good sign. Sorry for the long post, just worried about him. He seems to feel good, just moving slowly and cant sit down,he can just lay down on one side or the other.
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Maybe take him to see a vet and make sure he is alright just to be sure.....((hugs)) keep us posted on Alex! Poor sweetie!
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He is there right now. My husband took him.
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That's too bad. Poor baby. Our last cat came home with a broken tail, and the vet had to knock him out and splint it - she also said that there was a danger of loss of bowel control, but he recovered completely. He couldn't sit for a couple of weeks, though. Good luck, and I hope he recovers quickly.
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Awww.... Terri, hope kitty is fine! Sending positive thoughts your way!

Sending an extra hug for hubby.... wasn't his fault. (((hugs)))
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He's home. His tail is broken though, but he has use of his bowels and bladder, she said she will probably have to take his tail off though. She gave him some prednisone to take for a few days. He seems to feel pretty good, he is walking around, and wanting to go back outside but we arent letting him back out till he is better. We have an outdoor cat enclosure attached to the house and he can go out there too so he can get his outside time too. I'm thankful he will be ok! The worst is he will be a bobtail and thats ok.
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jcat, what part of germany do you live? We lived there for 6 years total. 3 in Wuerzburg area and 3 in Hanau. I miss it, its so beautiful there!
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Alex is feeling much better, he is using his litter box and eating and drinking. I think it will take some time but I think he will be ok. He is sleeping on the loveseat in my bedroom now, he begged me to let him outside but I wouldnt.
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I lived in Hanau for two years in the early 1980's. I loved it there.

I feel so bad for Alex and for your husband as well. I'm glad Alex is doing okay despite his tail being broken.
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I am so glad it is nothing worse than a bobtail...Poor baby...give him some rubs and scritches from my gang over here!! ((((HUGS))))
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How is Alex doing? Please let us know...
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I hope Alex is fine! Im so glad things ended like that... it could have been much worse. I hope you're husband is feeling better too! this can be nerve recking!
Sending "get well" vibes to your sweet Alex!
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Alex is doing much better. He wants outside so bad but I'm not letting him out until he is recovered. The vet wants him back in 2 weeks and then we will know if he has to have his tail taken off. He is moving it some though at the tip of it so maybe he will be able to lift it enough to go to the litter box at least. He is taking prednisone now, hes got to take it for a few more days, slowly reducing the dosage. He's just really mad cause he cant go outside.
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I am glad he is recovering. And I hope your husband is ok, too. That can be upsetting to say the least.
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We live about 40 km east of Stuttgart, in the so-called Rems Valley. We've been here for 21 years. Before that, we both lived in Augsburg, where we met. I agree, it's a beautiful country, though it has become increasingly "built-up", i.e. urban sprawl is becoming a problem here, too. The autobahn is one big traffic jam. I hope Alex is doing better. Stray Cat's tail was broken just about in the middle, and it took about six weeks for it to heal. We never knew how he broke it, since he was all over the neighborhood, but we suspected a car door. He used to go to the local supermarket and steal things while people were loading their groceries into their cars.
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Malynn--here's some warm fuzzies from SD and Wyoming for Alex.

I know what your husband feels like because when I was 16 I ran over my Mom's foot.
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I am so glad to hear he is doing better. Poor Alex! (And poor husband, too, I hope he is doing ok too!)

Sending continued get-better-Alex vibes!
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malynn I am glad he is doing so much better. Cats have about 103 bones in their tail, so the removal of the tail makes sense, and he shouldn't suffer from it being gone.
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I'm glad he is doing better! ((HUGS))! I hope he can fully recover!
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Update on Alex! He is doing much better, he is mad because I'm keeping him inside till he's totally better. He is raising his tail a few inches though and he is sleeping on a part of my computer desk now that I put a towel down where they like to sleep and he is sleeping and twitching like they do when they sleep. His tail is twitching and moving alot! I'm so hopeful now that he wont have to have it removed. He goes in for a checkup tomorrow.
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I'm glad.. poor little guy
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That is awesome news!!!!!
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I'm so glad to hear how Alex is doing, definitely keep us updated!
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I'm so glad he is going to be OK. It could have been so much worse. Your poor husband.
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I'm so glad to hear he is doing better. My bf mom had 11 cats at a time a few years back which all were mostly outside, (they lived in the country) and Tim's brother ran over one cats tail. Everything was okay, he just had a limp tail and couldn't feel it at all. They renmamed him speedbump. He's still going strong today

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Peaches and I are very happy that Alex is doing better and that it looks like he'll be able to keep his tail! He's a lucky kitty!

Peaches' Mommy
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Anymore news on Alex? How did the check-up go?
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Yes, I was wondering the same thing?
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His checkup is tomorrow morning at 10:30. He is doing much better though!
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