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Question about Russian Blues

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Hi everyone,

I have had cats and kittens my entire life (couldn't live without them), but back in April my husband and I brought home our very first Russian Blue kitten. We named him Eddie and he is now just over 5 months old. He is absolutely adorable and we love him so much, but I have some questions about his behavior. I have never in my life ever had or seen a kitten as hyper as he is! It's almost as if he never sleeps! He gets into EVERYTHING and always finds a way to make a mess and get into trouble! We can't even eat in peace with him around because he will jump in our laps and try to steal our food from us and howl very loudly if we don't share with him. (He has an almost Siamese-like meow.) The other day, I had a foot-long Subway sub on our kitchen island and, when I wasn't looking, Eddie jumped up there and dragged the thing all the way into our bedroom and up onto our bed and was trying to tear the bag apart to get at it! He has even figured out how to open kitchen cabinets and get inside of them, turn on the faucet in the bathroom and sit in the sink with the water running, jumps in the shower/bathtub while we're in it, drags toilet paper off the roll and puts it all over the house, tries to eat the dog food, runs so fast down the hall that he slams face first into the wall and then turns around and does it again, sits in hallway in the middle of the night and meows as loud as he possibly can, splashes around in the water dish and gets it all over the floor, goes in the litter box just to play and throw litter all over the place, sits on top of the litter box and torments the other cats while they're trying to do their business, and climbs everything. He even walked right across the hot stove about a month ago and it didn't seem to phase him one bit! Even at his little size, this kitten can jump VERY high! (He has huge hind feet.) In fact, I was walking into the kitchen tonight and he pretty much came out of nowhere and jumped right over me(I'm about 5'5") and up onto the top of the refrigerator. I was totally in shock that he jumped about 6 feet!

He also plays pretty roughly with our other 3 cats (ages 2, 4, and 6) and I think he's driving them crazy! He will literally pounce right on top of them while they're sleeping and try to get them to wrestle with him, but he is very gentle with our 2 big dogs (1-year-old Golden Retriever and 10-year-old German Shepherd). We try to hold him and snuggle with him, but he just so squirmy and won't stay still! Is this seemingly hyperactive/crazy behavior breed specific to a Russian Blue kitten? Like I said, he is my first Russian Blue cat and none of my other cats were nearly this high strung as kittens, and I have had cats since the day I was born! It seems like every 5 minutes, someone in this house is saying, "Eddie! NO! Eddie! Stop that! Eddie! Get out of there! Get down, Eddie! Eddie! Put that down! EDDIE!!!!!"

A rare moment of good behavior!

I thought this caption was appropriate.
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Our boys (russian blue) were both lively, and quite vocal, especielly the son. It lessened when they were grown ups. So being lively and intelligent kitten is sure typical for this breed. Although they were usually well-behaving too. High tempered but mild, is the RB motto!
So yours is above the average, he is.

Yours other cats arent so playful and doesnt play with him. THIS is perhaps some sort of key here. They arent so old, at least 2 of them should be still playful. Who are they?? A playful companion would be very useful for him.

Try to give him alternatives to do.
Legal plays. Use a laser, and let him chase the point. Build a climbing maze...
Let have a dvd with fishes on... Feed birds just outside your windows, so he has something to look on. Go out with him, on lash. He is friendly with the dogs yes? Take him together along.
Do you have a balcony? Set net around it and above, so he can be there as much he wish.

Train with him some. He is intelligent you say.
Perhaps some dressage like with dogs? Agility, clicker?
this should do much of the trick.

You do use much NO, dont do. Of course. But...
Try to use as much as possible positive reinforcements instead. When he is behaving or even almost behaving, talk friendly and in warm tone so he understands you are pleased with him...

Good luck!
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My Sasha is half Russian Blue but got the RB traits.
She has met her match since we got Cleo the sphynx.
Sasha will be 3 next month and still can be bad.
I call her bratty.
Can you get another cat with the same traits?
My sphynx put Sasha in her place.
She slams her down when they wrestle.
They do jump high.
I hope he stops soon.

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Thanks for the replies! Our other 3 cats are all very playful, but not quite as much as Eddie is. The one who seems to play with him the most is our 2-year-old black Maine Coon girl. The other 2 boys and the 2 dogs tolerate him. We have 4 cats and 2 dogs, so getting a fifth cat is definitely out of the question. Our house is full. We do play with him lots. We'll throw cat toys down the hall for him to chase and he usually brings them back. We have several large windows in our house, so he can look outside anytime he wants. We also have a good sized cat condo that he likes to play in and he also enjoys playing in the bathtub. I'm sure he'll start to calm down as he gets a little older, and probably more so once we have him neutered!
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A, I see you are already on good way. Excellent!

Proceed then, planning alongside my suggestions, and Im sure it will work fine.

For example, I know some cat owners are clicker-training with their cats. Clicker-traingin is otherwise quite common among dog-owners.

Good luck!
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I bred RB's (my first purebred show cats). They were angels compared to your little guy.........however, your RB must have been secretly emailing my Jack (Ocicat).

Cause Jack is worse then your boy is (he's almost 10 months old now) - and he's food obcessed, knows how to open cupboards (you don't want to know the lastest episode), and smart as a whip!

We have to lock the Oci boys up during eating time now cause they will steal the food off your plate if you don't guard it.

Just keep telling yourself "he'l grow out of it in a year". I'm seriously considering writing a book on Jack!
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