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Introducing Pixel *Pic Heavy*

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I posted a thread in the strays and ferals section about her earlier, but she is new to the "Fur Pictures and Videos Only" forum. She was found on a friend's neighbor's porch and brought to me. She may or may not be staying with us, we have not decided yet. Her name is Pixel, and here she is!

She only has two pink toes one in front and one in back.

Here some more random pictures of her playing and cleaning herself.

Hope you enjoyed!
Manda and Pixel
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Oh my gosh, Pixel is so beautiful! Thank you for taking in this precious girl!
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What a gorgeous tortie! I know pics can be decieving but she looks very happy and friendly in those pics.
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OMG that's such a cuteeee tortie!!!! I LOVE torties. Their markings are so pretty!!!
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She is beautiful..... I love her 2 lil pink pawpads
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She is really gorgeous. So petite!
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Originally Posted by Snake_Lady View Post

She is beautiful..... I love her 2 lil pink pawpads
My feelings exactly. I'd have to kiss those two little pink paw pads!
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What a beautiful cat! I hope you keep her!
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Oh my word what a pretty little girl she is She looks so settled with you so i hope you can keep her
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Look at that gorgeous little tortie
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Hi to Pixel from Pixel! I will share my blankie with you if you don't play too rough.

What a sweetie! Her two pink toes are irresistible!
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I would love to say she was just a perfect cat, but she does have a few issues. Most of them are just normal kitten problems, but her one major downfall is she will NOT tolerate other cats. We are trying to get her adjusted to other cats, but it seems to be a VERY slow process. She hisses at them and gets really scared, so we separate them again. If anyone has any good advice for getting her adjusted to other kitties I would love to hear it!

Thanks for all the great comments! And she is a very sweet kitty, she LOVES to be petted and cuddled. We love her!!


PS When she does get to be good with other kitties, Im sure she would love to meet Pixel!
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Since cats associate scents with so many things, put a dab of vanilla extract on her chin, so she cant smell "cat smells" and get nervous.
Did you do slow introductions with them? Some cats slow means s l o w ..... like up to a month getting use to smells before you can actually do face to face intros.
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She's gorgeous! Hopefully she'll warm up to your other kitties, or at least learn to tolerate them.
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my Pixel sends a welcome to Pixel #3 here on the boards!
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