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Is cat grass for real

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We have two inside cats. Should we be giving them cat grass and where do we get this, how should we give etc. They primarily eat Meow Mix. I know it may not be the best cat food, but we didn't know much when we took the cats in and now they won't eat anything else.
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You don't have to give them grass but many cats enjoy it.

I buy oat or wheat grass seeds from a health food shop, it doesn't take long to grow, it's cheaper than ready grown grass.
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My parents' furry baby loves grass. He would go crazy about it... but my cat Flip would just smell it and maybe play with it, then walk away. You can get some seeds from the pet store. Its very easy to grow.. all you need to do is add some water and let it sit by the window for a few days. :-)
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I sell cat grass seeds on eBay and have a ton of happy customers who can't find the seeds locally. My ad is in the Members Marketplace section.

My 5 cats love the stuff, and I got tired of spending too much for it at the pet store, so I did my research and started selling it at a price I would personally be happy to buy it for. And I offer a "buy 4 get the 5th free" special deal.
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You can buy them at walmart and they come in this nifty little dish ready for you to grow.

Make sure it gets plenty of sunlight though. When I tried to grow it in our apartment (that the sun never shines on) the grass ended up looking pretty sad.

Our cat wasn't really interested in it other than scent marking it before moving on.
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