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I HATE my hubby's work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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they just called and said if he ever calls out because of an animal again he is fired! She might die. what the hell are we supposed to do!! We cant not take her to the vet. I hate them!
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Can you not get a part time job?? is that an option? does his job have a 2nd shift or 3rd shift he could work instead...I know working all night isn't a good thing but hey, at least he would be home with you during the day.
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i work full time now. I had to call out today to because i'm sick to my stomach. His job only has one shift. he is goin to talk to the owner now. this was the owners son that manages the tile co.
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I hope you all get things taken care of so he doesn't lose his job! This has got to be so strssful for you two!!! ((hugs)) hang in there!
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Gosh. They are so mean and heartless. I pray that he still keeps his job.. i feel bad for you.. hugs! MJ
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Umm.... whoever made the call has absolutely no skills in Human Resources. If this is really a problem for them (which in some places, unfortunately it probably is not a legitimate excuse in their eyes), then they should have had a face to face talk once he got to work. On the phone??? Phooey.....

Going to read other threads... I don't know what is going on.

(((hugs))) Hope you feel better!
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hubby just went and talked to the owner owner (who is the guy that calleds dad, and he lives across the street from us) and he said oh really. Don't worry about it, he can't touch you. So hubby is safe! And that guys is going to get a good talking to.

there is on human resource stills at that place. It is a family bussiness and it is just a mess!!!
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Oh Good!!!! Glad he worked it out!!!

Yeah... family businesses can be tough at times...
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Hey, you live in NJ, call Tony Soprano and make him, ya know, pay a visit to da guy. Make him an offer, ya know?
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