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Best carpet cleaner for cat-yak?

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Why do apartments have light colored carpets??

What do you use to clean the carpets after your cat has yakked on it??
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Folex is very effective, and non toxic. I've used it for years.
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Cool I will try it. I have light colored carpet too.
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Resolve High Traffic carpet cleaner works pretty good.
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I actually have one of those little green machines from Bissel. My husband (boyfriend at the time) thought it would be helpful to dab some ringworm shampoo right on Oscar when he was a kitten (instead of just washing the cat). Oscar managed to get some on his paws, lick them, and puke neon-pink vomit in several places.

That thing was a lifesaver! And yes, I did berate my husband for doing that. He now listens to me when it comes to the furballs.
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I've just been measured for a new light beige stair carpet. This one has flecks in so the bits of litter won't show as bad, but i've got my Magic Carpet Foam ready for any "up chucks" that may happen, because Jack seems to like doing his on carpet and the stairs and hallway is the only place that has one
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We used to have the Dirt Devil Spot Scrubber for when we had carpets. Using that and an enzyme cleaner always got beige carpets nice and clean. I sold it at our rummage sale since we have hardwood floors now.
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We've been really happy with our Bissell Spot Bot. We just use the standard Bissell Little Green Formula carpet cleaner for it and it has always done a great job.
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I just use Nature's Miracle on the puke spots. I have more tan carpet than beige, thankfully, but I have beige sofas and they have puked on them, too. I have found that Nature's Miracle gets out anything and everything quickly and easily, from cat barf to Code Red Mountain Dew, Pepsi, and spaghetti sauce. I Nature's Miracle. I get it from Pet Supplies Plus, but I think they carry it at Petco/Petsmart also.
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Combination of Woolite extra strength with oxyclean in it and a Pet-zyme spray.
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I usually use the Resolve pet odor remover. Seems to do the trick. I am gunna have to try this natures miracle stuff tho.
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Originally Posted by SkyeCat0117 View Post
I usually use the Resolve pet odor remover. Seems to do the trick. I am gunna have to try this natures miracle stuff tho.
It's great! It is marketed for removal of urine odor/stain, which I am sure it does, but it is just an awesome stain remover overall.
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I also have light carpeting and I use nearly boiling water, no cleaners. I dip a towel in the water and scrub. Be careful not to get put your hands in the water.
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try shaving foam from a can.... you cover the area and then it solidifies and you can remove it in one piece....
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