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Away on business, kitten crying..

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Hi friends,
Just wanted to ask if this is normal.. I've been away since 7/13 and our 10 month old kitten is crying a lot during the day/night for no apparent reason (it seems). We've had her since March. Do you think she is crying because she misses me? My husband is with her, and he always is during the day. We are first time cat owners.

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Kittens crying after their Ma is quite common. Although 10 days is rather long... Hope is they cool down after some days. Apparently you are more a Ma to him then your hubby is their Pa.

Taking another example. Our cats, very affectionate to me their Pa. They dont cry much after Ma when she is away. But they are noticeably quieter. Not so much I can say they are depressed, but apparently they lack Ma more than they lack me when I m away...
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My Pirate still does this, even though he's already 2 y/o. That's why I try to not leave him for long periods of time (like more than one or two nights). It's totally normal- it just shows that she has gotten really attached to you!
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My cat used to be fine with us leaving, but ever since Cody and I went on a 2 week vacation and left the cat in the care of his mother....

He was so excited to see us home!! But every time at least one of us leaves the house, he cries so pitifully. It breaks my heart to see him do this, and I can't imagine how stressed out he is when we both leave!
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When my late father was still alive--Zane was HIS cat--and he had to go into the hospital or spend time in a rehab center, Zane would go through the house yowling. After father died, he'd do the same for months. It has been a little more than two years, but he still goes yowling through the house sometimes.

He's still father's cat. He likes me, he tolerates me, but he still misses HIS SPECIAL PERSON. I'm just second best.
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One thing that you can try to do is to take a towel or something and get as much of your scent on it as possible before you leave for another trip. While this won't help completely with the crying, if you put the towel in the same place that the kitten normally sleeps, hopefully it will at least give the little one some comfort.
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I think it's because she misses you, definitely. 8 days (I'm saying 8 since you posted on 7/21) is a long time to be away from her momma! I agree with setting things out with your scent and perhaps hubby could increase the time he spends playing with her while you're gone to keep her mind off of the fact that you're not there.
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