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Welcome to the family

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We just adopted our 4 baby!!!!

His name is Marco Sandels and he is only 3 months old!!!!

Khi and Jellow are not very fond of him, as of yet; But lilly beth took it upon herself to be his momma!!! She watches after him and won't be without him and now she has to sleep with him too!!

I feel liky my Lilly Bear is growing up!!!

Anyway, without any more dely:

and Lilly and Marco:

ps-if anyone knows what kind of breed he is, it'd be greatly appreciated if you'd share it with me!!
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Don't know what breed he is but he sure is handsome! Congratulation to Marco Sandels in finding a furever home!
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Thank you =D
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MArco is beautiful, his eyes say all! Lilly look so content with him, she is Marco's new mom with pride!
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I love shiny black kitties! He is just going to get more and more handsome everyday! Congrats!!
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He's really cute!
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Aw, Marco is of the super-cute breed, that's what he is. It's so cool that Lilly has taken him under her paw. She's very pretty, too. More pics!
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Awww, I love the way he's looking up at the camera in the last pic- how angelic!

He looks like a super-cute DSH to me, I'm almost sure of it! The only other option I can think of for a black cat like that would be a Bombay, and he doesn't have the little round face or anything that I know is typical with the breed.
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He is gorgeous . he looks like the little girl kitty, my daughter tried to steal from the neighbours
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Macro is so adorable. He looks like my furry baby when he was little :-)
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Oooooooh he's as cute as a button!!!
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welcome to TCS Marco!.. you´re sooooo beautiful!...
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Awwww He's beautiful!! Welcome Marco from Tabitha,Daisy and meowmy!

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