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I am starting to get kind of concerned here

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Butty's eyes are still sealing shut, I have to wet wipe them open about 4 times a day. Not a problem, but there has to be another way. I have some arithromycin (sp?) from when my daughter had an eye infection (conjunctivitis) but I don't know if I can put a tiny bit of it on his eyes....any suggestions?
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Do you have possibility to ask a vet? Some vets answer phone questions too.

Such home prescribing human remedies for cats can be dangerous. Even in the cases the remedy is essentially the same (yes some are), the dosage is almost always entirely different.

So unless you do really know, do always ask a vet in such cases.
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Going on for as long as it has, I'd say it's time to see the vet.
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id see a vet, they would be best to advise on what to use on his eyes

he gets better soon
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I saw your other thread and you mentioned this started about a week ago. It is definitely time to bring this little guy to a vet. There are people here who have had their kittens lose an eye over an untreated problem. Get him in ASAP.
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I was afraid you all were going to say that. I was really hoping for some fast acting home remedies. I have under $50 in the bank...don't know how I am going to work this one! I think it will start with a call to the vet's and see what they say over the phone.
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somanykitties, I tried to send you a PM just now and it bounced because your mailbox is full. You need to delete a few messages.
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So, I got to thinking about the last batch of little ones in this house (about 3 years ago) and I realized that one of them, now a full grown kitty, also had recurrent eye infections as a kitten. I tried to remember what the vet said, and I remember asking if it was okay to use the arithomycin. I don't remember his advice, but I do remember using it. The tube that I have is about 4 years old, so not very potent at all. I used a tiny dab on Butty's eyes last night 2x, and a dab this morning and his eyes are open wide and he is playing with his siblings! Woo Hoo! Now, I know you are going to advise against this, but I was getting very concerned and couldn't afford the vet. I figured something that I KNOW is for conjunctivitis in a very mild potency is better than letting the poor little kitten suffer. So while you probably won't recommend it for other new babies, it has had some success with Butty.
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I hope you washed your hands a lot.

Conjunctivitis is one of the diseases that jumps the species barrier. Meaning, you could end up with it and your very own doctor bill.

Also, would you sit and suffer for a week if you had conjuctivitis? Or would you go to the doctors as soon as the infection in your eye didnt clear up?
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1. Conjunctivitisis USUALLY viral, meaning it goes away in a few days by itself, even in humans this is the case. It is just so highly irritating and contagious that Doctors, schools, and parents WANT antibiotics. I learned this specifically in nursing scool and from the 5 physicians at the first practice I worked at.
2. If the erythromycin ointment you have is over four year old, then it is expired, and therefor it is actually a POISON. What if you put it in the cats eyes and he gets sicker? Throw that stuff away.

Just give the vet a call. They know people are cash-strapped right now.
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NurseDoggett, I got your thread a bit late. I have actually used it 5 times now and let me say, the eyes are HEALED! YEAH! Now, would I do it again with the same tube? NO WAY! I realize that your advice is sound, but I had to do whatever I could to ease his healing. Thank you everyone that contributed. I really do appreciate it.
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