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oy praying for poops

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my 10 month old maine coon mix has been having constipation
I took him to the vet she said it was because he was transitioning to adulthood
and to give him laxatone
I spoke with my regular vet later and she said to give him a tsp of pumpkin and asked if he was on grain free
I told her his wet and one of his dry foods were but his third food had grain
he went 24 hours without a stool and finally went last night
but about an hour later he threw up mucous
What else can I do
I even rub his belly
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Giving him a spoon of pumpkin with his food (not the pie filling stuff with spices - just the plain old pureed pumpkin) will do him no harm and will help to ease his constipation.

I'm sure rubbing his belly makes him feel better too.
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I have heard of the pumkin for constipation too. That remedy has been around for several years as far as I can remember. Must be something to it. My prob would be how do you get a cat to eat pumpkin? Any way, Hope it all comes out well.
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We mix pumpkin with their wet food and my kitties love it! Down the hatch!! I'd switch to all wet for awhile and see if that helps.
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i just had poop problems with my kittens and someone on the boards suggested a few drops of olive oil... maybe you can add that to the pumpkin too...
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He has been on the pumpkin and laxatone
then the lactulose no remarkable change in amount produced
I got him a can of before grain chicken last night
and his stool was mushier
still with the 2 tootsie rolls
he used to poop more hes almost 11 months
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Healthy number 2 vibes for your cutie pie!
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You have to remember that with a higher quality food, their output will be less because their bodies are using more of the food (less additives to eliminate), so it's no surprise that the poop has reduced in amount. The more of the food their bodies are actually able to use and process results in less output. Also, dry food sucks water from the body, which creates harder poops. Adding wet food will allow more water into the kitty's body and produce softer stools.
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I just read a book about kitties and the author a vet detests dry
she blames a lot of maladies on it like diabetes
I tried mixing before grain can chicken into his moistened dry and his stools were too soft
I am giving him more NB duck and pea and his stool amount has increased
hopefully we are at a more normalized state
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