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I'm new and am looking for suggestions....

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With a new kitty we've brought into our home. Here is the story on him and I can provide any other details that you might need.... just ask!

I'm writing to you in hopes that you may provide a solution to a problem I've gotten myself into. Towards the end of winter we had a young kitten show up on our porch, quite tame but obviously an outside cat. He decided to hang around.....kinda the side effect to my feeding him. After a neighborhood search yielded no answeres to his owners whereabouts we made the decision to get him neutered. During this same timeframe our son decided he wanted a cat. Personifiying an animal can be a very dangerous thing, but I couldn't help but feel that were we to adopt another cat....this little guy would be outside looking in and wondering why we didn't choose him. Fast forward a bit - he has been neutered and declawed and living inside with us for several months.

The problem is he is a wired little guy (the local vet estimates him to be around 1 year old .) But he has taken to constantly seeking out our older cat as his personal plaything....and he doesn't understand the word no. Our older cat is around 12 years old and lives a very relaxed life. We take precautions to ensure everyones safety - Cosmo is kept in a private bedroom when we are away from the house or when we go to bed. I'm reaching out in hopes that someone will have some suggestions to help with Cosmo....I'm at the point where either I find something that helps, or I need to find him a new home that is more suitable to him because it isn't fair to continually close him in his room whenever he decides to go after Simba (our older male)

Thank you for your time and assistance in this matter.

I look forward to hearing from you.
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Is he attacking the older cat, or is he basically wanting to play with the older? And the older doesnt want to play much?

If it is a play-thing, a solution may be to adopt another one, younger and more lively cat. So the both youngster can play with each other, and leave the older be. This way - all three cats will be happy. (Their Ma too, althoug the purse somewhat thinner).

Tx for helping him!
Pity you did declawed this guy. But done is done...

Good luck!
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I've thought about adding another younger kitty ... but right now I'm not sure if thats the best solution. If the problem persisits with Simba being harrassed, then I'd be looking to rehome 2 instead of one.

Cosmo likes to play....he'll play for hours with us and he can get rough when he gets going. Simbas idea of play is pawing Cosmo once or twice and then he considers that a good days play - he's done! Unfortunately Cosmo doesn't get the hint and will dive onto Simba trying to barrel roll him over.

The declaw was kind of a neccesity. Simba came to us from a family who was getting rid of him - and he was already declawed at that time. I couldn't see bringing another cat into the house with front claws intact. The vet recommended it to kinda "level the playing field"...and I went along with it.

I know I got myself into this mess by not using my most sound judgment. Having worked in an animal shelter, I know the fate that awaits many of the animals that end up there. At the time I truly felt that I was doing what was best for Cosmo.... now I'm just not sure on anything.

I've heard of Chamomile tea being used in companion birds when they have problematic behavior issues....has anyone heard of anything like this that might calm him down a nip?
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I would definitely not bring another cat into the mix with rehoming a possibility. Maybe your son could spend more time playing with him until he gets a little older and calms down a bit. Distracting him when he attacks your other cat is also an option. It is possible that he has behavioral problems due to his declawing, and that is not his fault. I have known many cats that coexist peacefully, some with claws and some without.
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there are surely remedies for different difficulties. Chamomille tea may even be useful... but he is not having behavioural problems. He needs a playmate. Or rather, the playmate in spe doesnt wants to play much...

Try to find a cat who does have a home, but needs rehoming. Possibly a cat from a good catshelter.
Make a agreement: if it works out, fine you keep the new cat
If not, the other cat will go back (and they will make another tryies).

I think this is your best bet, really.
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