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One last hug for a furry friend

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Aki, our tenants' Greyhound and Jamie's best friend, is going to be put to sleep within the hour. Jamie just gave him a few last head butts and rubs, and I gave him a last big hug. The girls are devastated. He's been their companion for 15 years, and they've been hoping against hope that he would beat the cancer. It's small consolation to them that 16 is ancient for a Greyhound.

I'm really going to miss him, and Jamie is going to be devastated at the loss of his best buddy.

Rest in peace, Aki sweetie.
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I'm so sorry. He lived a good long life, and soon he will be painfree and playing happily. Hugs to everyone
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Rest in peace Aki

for Jamie, I'm sure he will grieve for his friend.
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I'm so sorry. May Aki enjoy eternity over the Rainbow Bridge
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How sad.
Rest in Peace Aki

Hugs and vibes for you all, speical kisses for Jamie.
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Aki has made it to a wonderful age. But poor Jamie, to lose his friend. Extra hugs for him too.
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I am so sorry Jamie

Rest in peace sweet Aki.
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This has really made me fill up knowing that he's going, or will have already left for the bridge now

Poor thing, and poor Jamie

Have a fast and safe journey across the bridge Aki

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I'm so sorry. Rest in Peace Aki.
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RIP Sweet Aki

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RIP sweet Aki.

Thinking of Jamie too.
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What a long life! May Aki's friends and family find comfort in the happy memories.
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for all
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RIP Aki, run far and fast at the Bridge
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I´m really so sorry for this loss my friend:...,... RIP AKI... you´ll be missed here!...
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So sorry for your loss. Play happily across the bridge.
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I was going to say, that`s a good age for a Greyhound

So sorry he has to leave all his friends behind now.

Rest In Peace Aki
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