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Newly adopted kitty

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This is the kitty from this thread
Unfortunately just about everything the humane society told me about her is incorrect. She is not shy, in fact she's a bit pushy and hisses, nips and swats if she doesnt like what you're doing...or just for the heck of it She's declawed in the front which is probably a good thing. She's really scruffy looking, she needs to be clipped (full of mats) and washed (kinda greasy and really dry skin) but I think her mats hurt her so she only let me clip two so far before trying to "nibble". It's really weird having a cat that I cant trust (because I don't know her) but I think that if she can learn to get along with my animals it'll work out. They've been calling her Maybe but if it works out I think I'll see if she likes Ruby

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She is beautiful, I love that last photo where she looks so regal! I hope things work out between her and your family.

I'd like to give her benefit of doubt, especially since you mentioned she had been declawed and was matted. I'm not sure about the paws, but I'm sure her mats are giving her discomfort and pain, which may cause her to be irritable. Do let us know how she fares after she's been clipped.
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AWW! I'm loving the "dirty nose" look on her- trés chic! Does she have one blue eye, or is it just the lighting in those two pictures? She sounds like she's got some sass to her, that's for sure!

She's one of the most beautiful calico's I've ever seen- kinda like loud, bold markings. I love that! When I first got Sidney, she had some mats too. They were so bad that they had already ripped the skin a little bit. And even though she was the sweetest cat ever, she did nip at me when I went near the mats.
Her coat looks like once you get it under control, though, it should be somewhat low maintenance. Pirate has almost the same length/look going on, and I rarely brush him.

With my experience with humane societies, they never describe a cat correctly. I have adopted several times from them, and everytime their description has been dead wrong. Ya need to find things like that out on your own w/humane societies unfortunately.

Kudos for adopting a kitty! And I think that the name Ruby suits her
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She is absolutely gorgeous! I agree that with having her coat taken care of she should be in better spirits.
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I hope she comes around once all the mats are out.... poor baby.

I love that last pic, it definately looks like she has some 'tude going on.
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She's a beauty. I hope she feels better once her mats are out, poor thing. Keep us updated on her, please!
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She is stunning! I dealt with a kitty like her at the shelter - she agitated easily, and was the queen bee, just ask her!

She got nippy easily, was also front declawed (thank god because she thought she was a boxer the way she took swings). She was eventually adopted & settled down after a month - she no longer plays boxer, nor does she bite (still nibbles once in awhile). The adopter cannot believe how well she's settled in - so hopefully the same hold true for Maybe!
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Thanks guys She does have one blue eye (cool!). Tomorrow I'm bringing her to the vet for a checkup. If the vet says muzzling her probably won't kill her (age and heart murmer to be considered) I might try that to get her clipped and bathed. I'm thinking she may have been a stray for a while and doesnt like being held. She bit me while I was attempting to clip out of of her matts, hard and quick but not hard enough to break more than the first layer or two of skin. Naughty little thing. She's really sweet when she's not being stressed out though. The knots are driving my crazy though, none of my kitties have knots and if they do I get them out as soon as I notice them. She's also not much of an eater, she ate a 3oz can of food during the night but it took her a while (I opened it up around 9 or so) and the same tonight, I opened a can but she's not eaten any yet. I do hope it works out, but if I have to take her back I at least want to get her cleaned up first!
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My calico behaves and looks a lot like your girl. She nibbles rather vigorously if picked up, while nail trimming and she won't stand brushing even though I tried to start her on it young (at 4 w/o). She also like petting only on her terms. The tummy is off-limits entirely. She also does some retalitory lunging and biting after you've attempted any of these things. Fortunately Aya's a shorthair and doesn't mat.

Sound like you've got a good case of torti-tude going on or in this case calico-tude. But she's gorgeous.
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Oh my goodness, what a gorgeous little girl she is

I'm so pleased you've gave her a loving home
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I really like her, I brought my undercoat rake upstairs (she's not matted along the top/neck) and discovered that she really likes to be brushed with it! Got a nice amount of hair out of her too. My boys (they're all boys, no other girls except my Husky) and my Great Dane spend the night in my room so I let her roam the house by herself. She started meowing at my door just before I turned out the light so I went out to pet her. She was there when I opened the door this morning too, now she's walking around me an asking for pets. Aww
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She's a beauty.

Any cat who has gone through a life-change trauma is likely to be a little out of sorts for a while.

Just imagine how you felt after the last time you moved house.
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She is beautiful. Hopefully she settles down a bit after being in your home. Sometimes cats behave very differntly when stressed. My Jordan is so sweet, he loves to sleep by my head & is a big Momma's boy. At the vet, look out, he's like a little tazzmanian devil.
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