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Now you're in for it

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I've been kind of moody and really, really lax with the pictures lately. I probably haven't taken more than 10 pics in over a month.

But, this morning, I've been playing with my newest toy. An SB-600 flash unit for the Nikon. And, I'm very, very pleased with it. This shot was taken at 6:00am with only natural lighting in the room. I set the flash angle at 90 degrees at -3 and used a 1/60 exposure time, and I'm much much very happy with how it turned out.

So now, I'm probably going to get back into photos with gusto, and of course, will be flooding you guys with them.
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The color and clarity of the picture is beautiful, Mike - and the subject - breath-taking.
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What a stunner

Now you know you can't leave us hanging with just one photo, lets have more!
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Oh very very beautiful!
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Great pic of a stunning feline Can't wait to see more.
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Aw, Mike, I hope you're feeling better. That new camera is excellent, if the picture is any proof. Is that Diva Etcetera? She's stunning!
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Aw, thank you everybody. Yes, that's the Diva, her most Esteemed Majesty, ruler of all she surveys and dread Sovereign of all things feline.

I've always loved the way the different colors start at the top of her nose and spiral their way up to her forehead with sort of a "candy cane" like twist.
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Can't wait to see more pics--always look forward to ones of your tribe!
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Stunning, Mike! A lovely shot of a very lovely girl. But now you're committed, buddy! We need the pics. You know you have a bunch of kittypic addicts whining on the other side of your monitor, and we need our FIX.
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Wow!!! Great picture! She looks like she is trying to look right through you! I Love the checker-board on her head!!
She is gorgeous and your picture is awesome!
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What a gorgeous pic of a beautiful girl!

Congratulations on your new toy...we look forward to seeing the fruits of your labor!
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She's gorgeous! Great pic

Can't wait to see many more photos of the tribe!
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She is so cute! Great photo too.
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