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... poor stuffs...
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Wow! That's crazy!!
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Ouch! Are the meteorologists saying you can expect more of the same? Those freak summer storms are something else.
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Originally Posted by jcat View Post
Ouch! Are the meteorologists saying you can expect more of the same? Those freak summer storms are something else.
Considering they told us to expect this one about 10 minutes AFTER it started hitting the metro-area... Even the National Weather Service emergency alerts didn't go off until it was already underway. We were far enough south (it was moving northeast to southwest - another rarity! - until it actually hit the mountains and then started going southeast) This was really just a combination of all the wrong elements running up against each other. We'd been having warm weather, up into the 90s, and a fast-moving cool front with lots of moisture hit that warm air creating a very unstable, swirling air mass.

However, they are saying to expect thunderstorms almost every day next week. So we'll see what happens then!
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I didn't think this was such a huge deal, just a freak storm, until...

1. On the radio they said that one small (and I mean small) auto dealer not more than a mile or so away from my house has more than $1 million in damage to their inventory. And we're more than 50 city blocks from where they say the worst of the storm actually hit!

2. In talking to our insurance company about the claim on the damaged vehicle, they told Earl that right now this is considered the worst hail damage for the year in the country!

3. They also told him that they have 3000 home damage claims, and 5000 auto damage claims from individuals they insure. That's just ONE insurance company.

4. They said that they have 1/4 of all of their claims reps in the Denver area to handle all the claims.

5. For auto damage claims, they have an assembly line thing going where you just drive your car in, they look at it and determine how much damage is done and how much it will cost to repair, if you agree then they will cut a check (less your deductible) right there.

6. They are doing that by appointment only, and the soonest he can get in is TUESDAY!

Guess this really was a major storm incident!
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As my dad always said "round these parts we call those storms the 'put your head between your legs' storms. You better put your head between your legs & kiss you behind goodbye"!

Glad you guys got through safe - and without *too* much damage. We haven't even been warm here - barely hit the 90s all summer long. But it's still freak weather here, too.
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That is wild, but I can imagine why. I still think thats freak of nature to have THAT MUCH hail coming down at one time.
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