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kitten help

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my girlfriends kitten is 4-5 weeks old and can not walk on it's back legs when its trys they go outwards and it backend dcrops to the ground
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You're going to need to get it to an emergency vet, or her regular vet ASAP. This is the same as if your legs refused to work some morning, and the consequences for the kitten can be just as bad.

It may be it got into some poison of some sort, or it might have injured itself in a fall or something. But it's not likely to get better on its own.
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Signing up for this website was time wasted that you could have been loading your kitten into the car and driving it to the vet.

I am sure they love new users here, but I am sure that your kitten would love some medical attention right now.

It could be anything from a neurological disorder, to spinal trauma, to poisoning like was already suggested.
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the cat has never been up high and in one room where the food and water is controled it has 4 other in the litter and the mother is in there to. from the beginging the kitten could not walk on front or back in the pass week it has come to walking on it front legs but still like walking on its back knee instead of its paws.also the room is empety other then carpet which is clean do u still think it should be taken to a vet
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Yes, even walking on it's knees on carpet it can(and probably will) still develop pressure sores which will only add to the cost of your vet treatment, and horrible rugburn after it rubs it's fur off.

Take it to the vet, discover the underlying issue and get your kitten walking the proper way.
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It is good the kittens does now a little better then in beginning - hopefully the case is not hopeless.
But as the other said, a good vet is clearly needed here.
As it is something from beginning, not necessary a emergency vet, but of course ASAP a vet.

I understand mom and siblings are healty and doing OK?

Good luck!
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Ah, if this is a congenital problem, that's a whole different discussion. Does it shake a lot, by any chance?
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at times yes it does shake, also yes the mother and other kittens are doing just fine.
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She sounds like she might have Wobbley Kitten Syndrome, and yes, please tell her to get the kitten to the vet. He can test for WKS and advise her from there.
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