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a good companion

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Hello all,

I have a female cat (Mui Mui), who is 3 year old, spayed... and I would like to get a companion for her.

She has never shown sympathy for another cat though... When we were living in NC, she liked to go out and watch outside through the window.. she usually get upset when another cat approach our balcony.... However, she has experience living with another pet (she grew up with a ferret) and never had problem with that... she didn't like the ferret very much (the ferret stunk, and my cat seems to find him annoying also), but she never hurt it, and would even let him (the ferret) eat from her bowl, use her litter box, etc...

Now she is the only pet again, and seems to be bored most of the time.... I think some companion may do good to her.... I am just wondering what would be the best companion for her... another female cat, male cat? a kitten? .... I remember I read from somewhere that it is easier for adult cats to accept kitten rather than another adult cat... is that right?..... I am afraid she may not like the new cat.. what if they don't get along with each other? ... although Mui Mui is a sweet, and she usually would not bite or scrach unless she is really afraid or annoyed
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The most important thing about a successful adoption of a companion is the introduction of the two cats. If you simply throw them in the same home together without a careful introduction, you are likely to have a disaster on your hands. However, with a careful introduction success is almost guaranteed. If you do decide to adopt a new cat, please let us know so we can tell you how to do a good, safe introduction.

Regarding gender of the companion, I have seen conflicting opinions. My personal opinion is that the personalities of the cats are much more important than the gender.
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hey kat,

I recently brought home another cat, who I was raising at my parents' house in the past 3 years. I did so also because the cat my husband and I share looked bored and needed another furry friend.

It has been two weeks now and they are doing well. But I do understand the importance of a proper introduction. So make sure you read as many articles on that as possible. Also, if you ever come across a trick called "vanilla extra trick", do give it a try. It worked well on my two adult cats.

Hope it helps and do let us know if you bring a new kitty home.

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it is actually vanilla extract and it should be used only after the new cat has been sequestered in another room for a few days before the two meet. Also be sure the new cat gets a vet check before you put both cats together.

The vanilla extract goes under their chins and on the base of their tails to make the smell the same and lessen the threat of them fighting.

Here is an article about introductions

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Thanks you all for your replies.... I have already read different threads about new kitten at home, etc... and was wondering if there would be something else that may affect how much sympathy a cat may have to another...

So the age and the gender is not important at all? I have read, for example (long time ago.. in some book) that it is very hard for an adult male cat to accept another adult male cat in his territory.. specially if the resident cat has been the only pet for long time.... and that it is easier for adult cats to acept a kitten rather than another adult cat...... etc...

I have heard of people that have several cats at home, that may not try to kill each other, but that would not stay in the same place at the same time either..... Jean, your cats seem to be so happy together!... That is what I want for Mui Mui also...not just another cat, but a companion, a play mate.....

In reference to the vanilla extract, I didn't know cats like that.. is that the samething that is used to cook???? I will definitely try that trick if I decided to get another cat..... What I also read from someplace, is that it is good to give a goood bath to both cats before the introduction, so they would both smell the same... does this work also???
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The vanilla extract is exactly the same one as you would use in cooking. This is to make each cat think that the other cat smells similiar.

The bath...well, in my experience, it didn't really work. It adds to the stress of both cats, especially for the new cat as they have just come to a new environment only to be forced into a water rather than allowed to explore a section and offered food. Not the nicest of starts.
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